Thank You to These Community Members

The following MIT community members have been recognized for going the extra mile. Thank someone today.
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September 15, 2021

Everyone at the Atlas Center and especially Jamal

Like many of us, I had to get a new ID card when I returned to campus since my old one wouldn't work with the new card readers. When I went to the Atlas Center last week there was a line out the door and dozens upon dozens of people waiting for service. I really want to thank all of the Atlas Center staff for being so efficient and helpful to so many people at once, and especially to Jamal for keeping the energy up and being so cheerful! It had to have been an exhausting week for them all and I so appreciated all they were doing.
Janine Liberty, Associate director, communications, MIT Open Learning
September 2, 2021

David Elwell

Due to my mistake on document work, I had to stay at a Canadian airport since I was rejected by the US customs. David helped me safely travel to the US and get the correct document. David could have been angry at so many things. I was the one who did not pay attention to the his emails and made a mistake. I had such a bad connection when I was calling him at the airport since all I had was the public wifi provided by the airport. And it was weekend when I called him. Nevertheless, he was unbelievably kind all the time. It was literally unbelievable. I would have totally understood even if he said bad words to me. He is such an angel. He helped me with so many things. He is very sincere in helping the international students to be safe and comfortable at MIT. I think he does so much more than what he has to do. MIT and its students are so lucky to have him! Thank you so much, David.
Jaeyoon Song
August 31, 2021

Cam Fox

Cam Fox does an amazing job helping me with the managed servers my department and I depend on 24/7. From the very beginning (2016), Cam has always been responsive, often anticipating issues that I may not see, and offering advice on how to improve the performance of the servers and hosted websites. I never take for granted that Cam won't need extra time to fix a problem or implement a change on my behalf. I deeply appreciate the speed, accuracy, and reliability that Cam continues to demonstrate during these trying times. Knowing the department's managed servers are in good hands allows me to focus my energies on other tasks and do my job better.
Belinda Yung
August 26, 2021

Atlas Service Center

Sending a well-deserved SHOUT OUT to the Atlas Service Center team. So many things we can appreciate: they've been on-campus ensuring our ID requests are administered, I-9s have been completed, answered the same questions, and best of all very good-natured :-)

Thank you all for your support then and continued support now especially with welcoming our new students and employees and welcoming back all of us who have misplaced our IDs or getting acclimated to our campus again.

You all are the BEST!
Lisa Breede
July 7, 2021

Ann Julian

Ann Julian is one of those people who make everything work. She is creative, knowledgeable, upbeat and above everything willing to help and offer solutions. With one of the highest procurement transactions volume, our DLC always needs to reach out to Ann for advice and she never fails to offer the best support there is. I am grateful to have Ann as a partner.
Carmen Finn
June 25, 2021

Diane Stacey-Wood

Shout out to Diane who helps the Media Lab as our HRO with a great big THANK YOU! When I reach out to Diane she responds promptly, thinks through avenues for consideration and offers a hand no matter the tediousness of the need. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to work with Diane! Thank you so much for working with the Media Lab!
Lisa Breede
June 11, 2021

Ashley Smart, Deb Blum

MIT Knight Science Journalism is such a treasure to the Institute. Ashley and Deb in particular are a living rolodex of amazing science journalists the world over who have great appreciation for MIT and are often willing to volunteer as event moderators/hosts/writers. And Undark (, the magazine co-founded by Blum and Tom Zeller, has given the world five years of essential science reporting on otherwise underreported topics/domains. MIT is so much richer thanks to KSJ's contributions.
Joe McGonegal
June 4, 2021

Cindy Sambataro

Thank you, Cindy, for your unconditional assistance throughout my tenure at Open Learning. The things I have learned from you were invaluable. Now that I am on my way out, I want to show you recognition. Thank you so much for everything you've helped me with! I will always be so so so grateful for your help. Please accept this very small token of my appreciation.
Welina Farah, Office of Open Learning
May 26, 2021

Mary Tobin

Mary Tobin: dedication, dedication, enthusiasm, and insight are shown in her workdays. Mary, thank you for doing great works like this, and there’s no looking back for you. We feel that you make the MIT workplace your passion, and that’s why you succeed. We truly appreciate the good work.
Joao Bosco Da Silva
May 17, 2021

Prudence Robinson

Thank you for making an opportunity to recognize our colleagues in SA+P! You made a recommendation and helped us to contribute to the opportunity and followed through to make it a reality! :-)
Lisa Breede
May 13, 2021

Jacqueline Sherry, Timothy Beaulieu, and Lindsay Scholl

HST PhD students are eager to return to hospital-based classes that paused due to the pandemic, and our faculty and staff are working hard to resume in-person clinical training. When HST students needed to meet evolving medical and EHS requirements on short notice, Jackie, Tim and Lindsay reacted quickly and effectively. They were exceedingly professional, collegial, collaborative and generous. We are tremendously grateful.
Traci Anderson and Julie Greenberg, on behalf of HST
May 6, 2021

Jackie Cen

Always ready to bring a smile to others’ faces and checks in on others when they seem down, Jackie is an amazing colleague and friend. A hard worker who selflessly and tirelessly juggles difficult, competing tasks. Thank you, Jackie, for being you. I appreciate all that you do.
Gretchen Jones
May 4, 2021

Martin Chan

Martin's such an uplifting and funny person. They're a friend of pretty much all of East Campus. I really appreciate all the times they check in on me and send me things I'd like.
CJ Quines
April 11, 2021

Mike Gallino

I am beyond appreciative to Mike for his responsiveness and troubleshooting. During the workweek Mike is always available and follows up on ticket submissions. Some technical difficulties started bubbling on a late Friday afternoon, and I realized on Saturday morning the issue was still persisting. I submitted a ticket hoping to address the issue first thing Monday morning. Mike responded within minutes of my ticket submission, addressed the department recognizing this was not an isolated issue, and offered to have a remote session with me. Thank you, Mike, for taking time out of your weekend to resolve this.
Megan Chester
April 2, 2021

Anna Spector and Nancy A. Sahagian

It is beyond my belief that you worked out the Cancer Research Institute fellowship application for Dr. Arthur Zalevsky within 24 hours! On the morning of April 1, both Dr. Zalevsky and I had almost given up the hope to get it done. You have both gone above and beyond the call of duty.

This is truly an amazing experience in my 33 years at MIT. I want to express my sincere appreciation for all your diligent lightening speed work to get this fellowship application through.

MIT is truly an AMAZING place! You demonstrated it once again! I believe it is almost impossible in most institutions to have such dedicated staff like you. On behalf of Dr. Zalevsky, I want to thank you very much for your dedication!
Shuguang Zhang
March 31, 2021

Technology Licensing Office Staff

To the entire TLO Staff for all their amazing work, doing double duty every day to support the replacement of our database all while keeping the TLO functioning and responding to the MIT and external community on innovation matters. Their commitment to this project is humbling. Thank you each and every one.
Lesley Millar-Nicholson
March 25, 2021

Darren Conroy

Darren always goes the extra mile to help myself and our coding team members as well as our Department members with his expertise. His research on any topic requested of him and his articulation of the subject paired with his ability to educate us are beyond helpful. We are very lucky to have him on our team!
Judy Kelly
March 25, 2021

International People Placement & VPF Tax Office

Thank you to Linda Dionne for her helpful consultation and assistance with assisting our community who need to work from international locations. She has been an amazing resource.

Thank you to Jennifer Chung for her assistance with getting the PEOs in place to support our community.

The teams have been helpful resources.
Lisa Breede
March 22, 2021

William Adams

I support a very large, unique, and diverse population in the Research Lab of Electronics (RLE). Working from home during the past year, our community encountered numerous IT challenges, including certificate updates, syncing remote desktops to our home computers, creating an Outlook calendar and zoom meetings, setting up access for our graduate students to the community printers/scanners, and much more.

One specific instance of Bill going above and beyond was when I inadvertently deleted an important folder that carried two weeks' worth of data entry. This folder was critical to our Lab's research. By the time I realized what I had done, it was 5:35 pm on a Friday before a long weekend. I didn't expect an answer, but when I called Bill he answered and worked with us until we recovered this folder (which took over three hours!).

For this instance and all of Bill's continued assistance through the years, this note is a small token of my gratitude. Thank you, Bill!
March 19, 2021

Chris Foglia; Cheryl Miller; Amber Franey; Dorothea Gray

This team at MIT CISR has transitioned all of our in-person global events to a new schedule of online delivery. They've invented new offerings and experimented with new tools. They've managed change with a spirit of ingenuity. Thank you!
Leslie Owens
March 15, 2021

Clayton Hainsworth

Clayton Hainsworth has demonstrated spectacular leadership in this ever-changing crisis, shifting us from in-person services to online and hybrid video capture and delivery. He has been our anchor in a sea of uncertainty as we've learned how to get results in the internet's virtual world. Clayton has made it possible for us not only to survive but thrive in this new and challenging macrocosm.
Thomas White, MIT Video Productions
March 12, 2021

CSAIL Fiscal Team

CSAIl Fiscal Team always reaches for excellence! They are the most dedicated and hard working staff I have worked with. Their ability to quickly switch from one challenge to another, to constantly adapt and wonderfully respond to a very high work volume and competitive demands, is amazing. Each individual in the team is resilient, dedicated, extremely professional, and upbeat -- there are not enough adjectives to capture how wonderful they are. I am am humbled and grateful to know and work with each of them.
Carmen Finn
March 12, 2021

Ping M. Lee

I had the pleasure of working with Ping on a proposal that was given to her at the very last minute. Ping went above and beyond; working late hours, and the weekend to ensure the proposal was submitted on time. She was incredibly insightful, and helpful. This proposal could not have been done without her. I learned so much from her. Ping, thank you for working so hard, I really appreciated all the effort you put into getting the proposal submitted to the sponsor by the deadline.
Rachelle Destine-Farouk
March 11, 2021

The Endicott Runners Team

The Endicott Runners go above and beyond to support students isolating and quarantining on campus. It's been a blessing and pleasure to work with this team. They have gone to great lengths to ensure students have what they need to feel comfortable and supported while quarantining/isolating. I can't say enough good things about the Endicott Runners and Mary, who leads the team.
Trish Moran
March 11, 2021

MIT Press Journals Production: Dan Bouchard, Eric Witz, Ann Olson, and Levi Rubeck

This team stepped up to the challenge of going fully remote without losing a beat. In spite of all the personal and professional challenges of the year, they were always supportive of each other and the Press. Not only did they stay on track with existing work, they absorbed new journal titles, learned new skills, and assisted in the launch of a new journals platform. I feel very fortunate to work with every member of this team and look forward to tackling the challenges of the next year together.
Rachel Besen
March 10, 2021

Pam Quick

Pam is that exemplary colleague who doesn't look for praise, recognition, or reward, but pushes herself because she believes in what she does. Brilliant, efficient, and, above all, collegial, she makes our office a better place - a better run, more successful, more enjoyable place to work and just be.

The pandemic and the flip to remote work brought unique challenges. However, Pam has adapted as she always does. Though never directed to, she has stopped into the office periodically whenever she thinks it necessary. She's made her home a UPS station - having needed books shipped and sending packages worldwide because she knows customers are waiting. She has kept our business on track. She has owned it.

I cannot thank her enough for her hard work, dedication, and just plain decency. Thank you, Pam!
Bill Smith
March 10, 2021

Michael Corcoran and Jamie Goldberg

Mike and Jamie ... You have been my buoy through this last year and I cannot thank you enough. I would have surely drowned if it wasn't for your on-going support, always prompt at answering my questions as I continue to learn the "MIT" way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. Mike, your sense of humor has kept me going through all these months and lifted my spirit at a time when it was sorely needed. Jamie, you are the sister I always wanted. Always willing to hold my hand through complicated procedures ... what can I say. Thank you to both of you. Merci de tout coeur!
Louise Tanguay-Ricker
March 10, 2021

Colleen Mazzeo Leslie

Colleen, you are an amazing human being. You are a spectacular leader, a source of wisdom and support like I have rarely seen and you truly care about the MIT community. Your dedication is such an inspiration. There aren't enough words to say how much I appreciate your support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Louise Tanguay-Ricker
March 10, 2021


I would like to thank the entire RA-Help team at Research Administration Services. They have been champions during this last year as requests probably quadrupled while people were/are working remote. Ian, Rosemary, Kim, Carol, you are my heroes. I could never have survived this year without you. You are always quick at responding, clear in your communication, always willing to go the extra mile and oh so patient. I appreciate all of you so much. Thank You! Vous êtes une équipe sans pareil et je vous suis tellement reconnaissante. Merci!
Louise Tanguay-Ricker
March 9, 2021

Maxwell Madzar

I am grateful for Maxwell's knowledge, proactive problem solving, and commitment to excellence in addressing and solving a large volume of HR issues at CSAIL. Thank you Maxwell!
Daniela Rus