Thank You to These Community Members

The following MIT community members have been recognized for going the extra mile. Thank someone today.
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November 23, 2020

Vivian Ruiz

Vivian is tirelessly helping to bring the newest members of our community to MIT in a time of enormous challenges around the world and here at home in Cambridge. Thank you, Vivian, for your kindness, grace, wisdom, and your tremendous efforts!!! I am so grateful to be working with you.
Anne White, Nuclear Science and Engineering
November 16, 2020

Andrea Porras

Andrea has been a super star during this pandemic. Creating space for support staff to connect, reaching out to check in on others to see if they need any help/have concerns, and in general just being someone reliable for a good laugh!
Keyla Blanco Gomez
September 25, 2020

Joseph Vieira

Joseph Vieira have been working consistently 6 days a week since this invisible enemy took place. As well Joseph Vieira are diligently serving building 46 with his highest quality cleaning performance, avoiding to spread this disease.
Bosco Da Silva
September 25, 2020

Emilio Baglietto

Professor Baglietto stepped into the role of Community Equity Officer in NSE in April this year. I’m deeply grateful to him for his service and his commitment to increasing DEI in engineering at MIT.
Anne White
September 25, 2020

Brandy Baker

Brandy has done an amazing job helping us navigate the transition to hybrid learning in NSE. She runs out first year mentoring program for new grad students and is an indispensable resource for student support. I’m so grateful to her for all she does.
Anne White
September 22, 2020

Frances Boyle

Frances is currently juggling three different roles at MIT. She is managing a high profile multi-million dollar project, Program Manager for the Utilities Department, and bridging the gap that was created by the loss of our treasured Director. Frances has continuously taken extra time to check in with all of her team members individually on our mental health, physical health and general well being. She has used her creativity to create zoom meetings where we both connect with each other but also have an opportunity to get physical exercise. Her genuine and sincere interest in her team has personally made me feel valued and more stable in these constantly changing times. Frances truly exemplifies the vision of the facilities department. She delivers exceptional customer service, is well respected, provides a safe and rewarding workplace environment and focuses on teamwork, innovation, and professionalism. I could not be more proud and grateful to work with Frances Boyle.
September 21, 2020

Political Science Dept. Staff

These last 6 months have been really difficult due to the pandemic, as I got stuck outside of the US due to the travel ban.
The staff at my department really helped me get through it, solved all the problems, advised, and was very reactive.
So I'm very grateful for the team, as I realize they helped me and many others while their own lives were also caught in the turmoil.
Dr. Remi Cura Gauriau
August 5, 2020

Ditr-plus VIP Support Team

Many thanks have already been expressed for keeping us running smooth while we are working remotely due to Covid-19. This group has assisted us with all our IT needs, and we are extremely grateful for your quick responses, keeping us all connected, and giving us personalized guidance and assistance during these trying times. With deep gratitude and appreciation to Pat, Farouk, Karl, Isaac, Joe, and Jess!
Kim Medeiros
August 3, 2020

Tonya Givens

Tonya works at the front desk at Medical. She has worked in the building to support operations since campus closed in March. She has not missed a day of work, has a positive attitude, and is always flexible. Her passion is helping people, and her smile and compassion helped us all through such a trying time.
Alison Sansone
July 30, 2020

Steve Ruggerio

Steve has gone way above and beyond the call of duty in managing our DLC operations during this unprecedented time. From helping our community members retrieve items from the building during shutdown, to getting people up and running on various remote access methods, to always being there when needed - he is a shining star and an example of the kind of person I'd like to be.
Mark Pearrow
July 8, 2020

Sergeant Mary Beth Riley and Detective Loren Montgomery

Well, they not only are willing to risk their lives for us and keep our campus safe every day, but they also go out of their way to help us with silly demands during the pandemic such as keeping our plants alive. I know they go around to different buildings watering plants for some people including me! So thank you for doing that and for all that you do for our community.
Karla Casey, Office of the President
July 8, 2020

Ann McNamara

Ann McNamara has been, as always, the sound caring voice in our area that is carrying us through these uncertain times.

She has been incredibly supportive and she has made sure that everyone in our area has the equipment and necessary tools for all of us to continue to do our jobs comfortably and efficiently from home. She has kept in touch with each one of us making sure we are all doing ok mentally and emotionally, and her weekly calls, are a fun way to keep in touch with everybody!

Thank you Ann for being so dedicated to our area and to MIT.
Karla Casey, Office of the President
July 8, 2020

Ditr-plus VIP Support Team

I want to thank Pat Curtis and his whole team, especially Farouk Alia.

They have been working 24/7 since the pandemic started supporting our department and making sure that we are all able to work from home and troubleshooting any issues that arise. They are a great team and we are very fortunate to have such wonderful colleagues.

I personally want to thank Farouk for just being so kind, immensely patient, efficient, fun, so helpful and for making my life easier.

These are the people that make our community especial!!!

Thank you for all you do!
Karla Casey, Office of the President
June 29, 2020

Stephanie Smith & Shachie Garcia

I'd like to thank Stephanie and Shachie for always being available and ready to answer any questions, or help with problems. They certainly have made working from home a lot less stressful. They always respond in a kind and resourceful way. Thanks Ladies.
Mary McDavitt, CSAIL
June 10, 2020

Mary Markel Murphy

The FGLIWG is deeply grateful for Mary Murphy’s generous support of our efforts to put resources and systems in place to support some of our most resilient students. At a time when leadership and support is needed, Mary has done an excellent job guiding our work. Mary, please know that we acknowledge and appreciate you. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you again for your partnership
Kester Barrow on behalf of FGLIWG, First Gen/Low Income Working Group
June 3, 2020

All the staff who have been coming in and preparing meals for the Ashdown House

I want to talk my fellow co-workers who continued to go to work and provide meals for the students that are located in the Ashdown House on campus. I want to thank my General Manager, Mike Fitzgerald for keeping us in the loop and holding weekly zoom meeting. For asking our opinion and supporting our ideas. For making those of us that worked from home still feel important.
Mary J Von Schoppe, MIT Endicott House
June 1, 2020

Joanna Chen

Joanna has been an invaluable support for leadership in the VPCSS group in mobilizing periodic webinars to disseminate important operational information and to share personal stories from colleagues to keep us all feeling connected.
Jennine Talbot, Facilities
May 29, 2020

Lou DiBerardinis

I'm guessing Lou has been constantly fielding questions on all aspects of Environment, Health and Safety, especially with the lab ramp up process. Yet, Lou responds to questions quickly, thoughtfully, and follows through on everything our department has asked about. If Lou doesn’t know the answer directly, he connects to who does and then gets back with answers. Much appreciated Lou!
Heidi Demers, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
May 28, 2020

Deborah Liverman

Deb has led our office through this difficult time with grace and compassion. She has maintained a high level of service for students while also being accommodating to staff needs. Her foresight in implementation of technology before this crisis hit allowed us to be more adaptable. Moreover, she has been in constant meetings about student needs, especially with employment trends. And yet she is still available to her staff.
Kimberly Benard, OVC
May 28, 2020

Tamara Menghi

She has been working diligently to create a bank of summer opportunities for students during this time. All of that work was on top of an already overwhelming amount, as she has also had to fill in for work normally done by others (unfilled positions that were frozen). She has taken extraordinary amount of work upon herself, and yet executes it to the highest levels.
Kimberly Benard, OVC
May 28, 2020

Kathleen MacArthur

As someone who works with various faculty committees regarding academics and curriculum, she has had to do the normal work she does, while also assisting with the effort to transform our educational methods/models. In particular, the transformation of subject evaluations have been particularly time consuming. She has gone above and beyond!
Kimberly Benard, OVC
May 27, 2020

Ramona Allen

When I listened to Ramona Allen speaking at the most recent Town Hall I felt and thought a few things. First, that the people who chose her for her job couldn't have chosen better, second, listening to her talk she was humble and really empathic towards support staff and third, reassured that she understands what this adjustment to remote working is for many of us. Thank you Ramona!!
Rachel Batista, NSE
May 27, 2020

RLE Headquarters

Thank you to everyone in RLE Headquarters--from the top administrators who are tackling the big issues moving forward to all the staff members working on the details and keeping our labs running. There is no question that they don't seem to find an answer to, or a solution that will fit. Thank you all for your dedication in supporting us admins and our research groups. Can't wait to see you when we return.
Dorothy Fleischer, RLE
May 27, 2020

Dorothy Curtis

We would like to thank Dorothy for being available during a deadline at all hours. While imparting her vast knowledge of the system, she was courteous, professional and kind. She navigated us through a complex process, and explained the maze of guidelines and principles with exacting detail and a healthy side of humor. We are grateful to Dorothy. MIT is lucky to have her on its team.
Diane Ramirez-Riley, Schwarzman College of Computing
May 26, 2020

David Elwell & ISO Staff

David an the ISO team have answered a million "what if this happens" questions for concerned students and staff. Always with empathy and positivity. I especially appreciate David's willingness to join town hall meetings with students and help them understand their options.
Maura Herson, MIT Sloan
May 22, 2020

Tasker Smith

Tasker was chosen by Professor Marty Culpepper to be a member of a specialized team working on and off campus to design and prototype PPE and COVID-19 related equipment. Over the past two months Tasker has been deeply involved in these extremely important activities and I would like to acknowledge his extraordinary effort skills and talent as a designer and builder but most of all for his dedication and compassion to keep the MIT community safe.
Thank you Tasker
Steve Haberek, ME Building 3 Pappalardo Lab
May 19, 2020

Judit Pokos

She is a proactive team member who has helped us a lot with her ability to see through complex situations.
Klara Orsos, Communications
May 13, 2020

OVC Desktop Support

Donyatta, Anthony, Paul, and Terre have been outstanding as we have needed numerous help sessions to get our home computers in shape to work remotely. They have been patient and quick to respond. I could not ask for better IT support!
Jennifer Smith, Campus Activities Complex/DSL
May 12, 2020

Beatriz Cantada

For "walking the talk." Being an awesome remote mentor, and remaining committed to equity, inclusion, and authenticity.
Rachel Ornitz, ICEO
May 12, 2020

SEED Academy Staff and Instructors

In early March, our SEED Academy team had to quickly take our in-person program, currently provided to 135 middle and high-school students from local public schools, and relaunch it online. This 'change of plans' required everyone to be quick in our response, creative, and attuned to issues around equity and access for our students. We conducted our last online session this past Saturday and students were so grateful for the opportunity to continue to engage as a community through these uncertain times. I really appreciate all of the hard-work from the entire team to keep this transformative program going, as well as, the patience and engagement of the students as we made this transition.
Eboney Hearn, MIT OEOP