BCBS PPO+ Health Plan

The Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO+ Plan allows members more options for where to seek care — at MIT Health, across New England, and nationwide — all without provider referrals. 

To learn more, see details below and also see our health plan FAQs.

Copayments and deductibles

At MIT Health, plan members have a $0 copay for office visits and a $10 copay for specialist office visits. For other providers in the BCBS PPO network, members have a $15 copay for office visits and a $30 copay for specialist office visits.

In-network deductibles of $150 individual, $300 individual + spouse/domestic partner, individual + child(ren), and family apply to higher-cost services such as in-patient hospitalization, outpatient surgery, ER, and imaging. There will be modest changes to prescription drug copays.


See plan premiums for 2024.

New: SaveOnSP Drug Copay Assistance Benefit

Effective April 1, 2024, BCBS PPO+ Plan members will have access to SaveOnSP, a new copay assistance benefit for some specialty medications. This benefit is designed to help members save money on some specialty medications by taking advantage of funds available through drug manufacturers. Learn more about SaveOnSP and see our FAQs.

More benefits

  • BCBS TrueCare 360 Advocacy and Care Management – Dedicated Blue Care Managers and Service Advocates will help you and your family navigate the complex healthcare system, find resources in your community, coordinate care and access to services for complex cases, provide education about conditions, and support caregivers.
  • BCBS Virtual Primary Care – $0 cost for virtual primary care and mental health visits offered via chat, text, phone, and video with select providers.
  • Expanded and updated fertility benefits (new egg cryopreservation benefit and updates to frozen embryo requirements) and enhanced gender-affirming care benefits.

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