Hiring Staff

Find guidelines, checklists and reference materials for recruiting, interviewing and hiring at the Institute.

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The Hiring Process

Start here: Explore our robust tools and resources related to hiring, including support for posting, recruiting, selection, hiring, and the orientation process.

Recruiting and Hiring Assistance is Available

The experienced recruiters in Staffing Services bring their deep knowledge of MIT to support searches for a wide range of positions across a broad range of academic and administrative departments. Let us help you with hiring for critical positions.

Applicant Tracking System

View and manage candidates in real time throughout the hiring process.

 Search Jobs

 Manage Jobs (ATS)

 ATS Resources

Affirmative Action Policies

Learn about the Institute's Affirmative Action policies.

Understanding Jobs at MIT

Find information on MIT's pay structure and job and position descriptions for all payroll categories. Also see information on the Institute's pay guidelines, including promotions and transfers.

Temporary Help

How to find and onboard temporary employees.