MITemps System Transition

VNDLY is the system used by MIT hiring managers to hire MITemps temporary staff and approve their timesheets.


Use VNDLY to request, hire, manage, and approve time and expenses for all your MITemps temporary staffing needs.


Your username is your MIT email address. After you enter your email address, you will sign in using Single Sign On (SSO) through MIT Touchstone. MITemps hiring managers do not need a password.

Need help accessing VNDLY? Contact the nextSource program team at

VNDLY Support

For MITemps Hiring Managers
For MITemps Temporary Staff (Associates)
  • FAQs
  • Quick guide on logging in and timesheet entry (note: associates log in differently than MITemps hiring managers)
  • Quick guide on submitting an expense
  • Full guide for associates
  • Training webinar

Need Help?

Learn about the general process for working with MITemps on a short-term hire.

For questions regarding the transition or the MITemps program, please contact the nextSource program team at