Performance Review Form

MIT's web-based performance review form is used to document annual goals, employee self-assessments, and manager ratings and summary comments.

Managers and employees complete this form as part of the performance development process, an ongoing process that enables two-way conversation addressing goal setting, competencies, development planning, ongoing coaching and feedback, performance reviews, and ongoing engagement

The Performance Review Form is currently available for use in specific MIT areas. Check with your Human Resources Officer to find out if your department is using this form. If not, other forms are available.

DSL, Resource Development, and Alumni Association staff: Contact your local PRF Lead/Admin if you have any questions related to your performance review process.

Access the Performance Review Form

Performance Review Form


See the public schedule for reviews.

Steps in the Process

1. Goal setting

In this step…

  • Both employees and managers can add new goals by clicking the + Add Goal button.
  • Comments can be added by using the comment field below each goal.

At Self-Assessment time, the manager moves the form to the next step by clicking "Send Form to Employee for Employee Self-Assessment."

2. Employee self-assessment

In this step…

  • The employee writes comments for each goal.
  • The employee writes their Overall Summary.

Once the Self-Assessment is finished, the employee moves the form to the next step by clicking "Send Form to Manager for Manager Overall Summary and Rating."

3. Manager overall summary and rating

In this step…

  • The manager writes their Overall Summary and chooses the Overall Rating.
  • Additional comments can be added below each existing goal.
  • Managers can add new goals to the Next Year's Goals section. Goals added here will appear on next year's Performance Review Form.

When the Overall Summary and Rating is ready to be shared with the employee, the manager moves the form to the next step by clicking "Send Form to Employee for Employee Acknowledges Receipt."

4. Employee acknowledges receipt

In this step…

  • The employee reviews their form.
  • The employee has the option to add comments in the Employee's Comments field.

When finished, the employee completes the performance review cycle by clicking "Acknowledge Receipt."


Change your start page

If you prefer to go straight to the page displaying your performance review forms when you log in to the tool, skipping the traditional “Home Page,” follow these steps.

  1. From the Home Page, select Options from the menu under your name.
  2. In the Start Page section, choose Performance & Development Review. Click Save. You are done.

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