Accident Insurance

MIT provides an accidental death & dismemberment insurance plan with coverage up to $100,000, depending on your age and other limitations.

Enrollment is automatic and MIT pays the full cost. In the event of your dismemberment or death in a covered accident — work-related or not — the Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance policy pays the full amount of your coverage to you or your designated beneficiary in a single payment.


You are eligible for MIT's Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance if you are paid by MIT, are appointed to work at MIT for at least three months, and work at least 50% of the normal full-time work schedule.

Who is not eligible

  • visitor
  • contractor
  • affiliate
  • teaching or research assistant
  • honorary lecturer
  • summer appointment
  • non-MIT student program worker
  • international visiting student
  • post-doctoral fellow
  • paid by MITemps
  • student in a work-study program
  • family member who is not employed by MIT
  • member of the armed services assigned to MIT

Members of collective bargaining units

All the plan provisions are subject to the terms of your collective bargaining agreement.

Reductions in coverage as you age

As described in the table below, the amount of coverage provided by the MIT Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance policy decreases every five years after you reach 65 until you reach 95.

Age as of July 1 following your birthdayAmount of your coverage
at least 65 but less than 70$66,000
at least 70 but less than 75$44,000
at least 75 but less than 80$34,000
at least 80 but less than 85$26,000
at least 85 but less than 90$20,000
at least 90 but less than 95$16,000
95 or older$12,000