Managing & Developing Staff

MIT is deeply committed to the success and growth of every employee throughout their career at MIT. Managers can find Institute resources for managing and developing staff here.

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Resources for Managers

See our curated management tips and tools from around the web, as well as content developed specifically for MIT managers to address the challenges in managing a remote team, engaging staff, cultivating change, and more. Stop by for a quick learning experience anytime.

How Jobs and Pay Are Structured at MIT

Performance Development

Performance development is an active partnership between managers, employees, and the Institute that enables MIT’s diverse staff to be fully engaged and reach their full potential. 

Talent Planning

Talent planning is the process of anticipating new responsibilities and staffing needs and planning how to meet them by developing current employees. 

Employee Career Development

See how Institute managers can support the career development of their employees.

Organization Development Consulting

The Talent and Career Development team collaborates with MIT leaders, managers, and HR professionals to build organizational capacity and ensure MIT has the ability to meet current and future talent needs. 

Recognizing Staff

Recognizing staff accomplishments at MIT connects employees to the higher goals of the Institute, drives performance and career growth, and serves as a retention strategy. 

Additional Resources for Managing at MIT

Especially for managers:

HR resources that may be helpful to those in a management role: