Managing & Developing Staff

MIT is deeply committed to the success and growth of every employee throughout their career at MIT. Managers can find Institute resources for managing and developing staff here.

In This Section

Managing Remotely

Find tips and resources for managing employees and teams when the members are working remotely.

Annual Salary Review

See an ASR calendar and guidelines for merit increases. Learn more.

Understanding Jobs at MIT

Find information on MIT's pay structure and job and position descriptions for all payroll categories. Also see information on the Institute's pay guidelines, including promotions and transfers.

Performance Development

Performance development is an active partnership between managers, employees, and the Institute that enables MIT’s diverse staff to be fully engaged and reach their full potential. Learn more.

Organization Development Consulting

HR's Talent Development team offers OD consulting and a wide range of learning and growth opportunities for MIT staff. Learn more.

Recognizing Staff

Managers are critical to MIT's recognition programs – as participants and as role models. Learn more.