Tuition Assistance Plan

The Tuition Assistance Plan can help you obtain, maintain, or improve the skills necessary to develop your career by providing financial assistance for qualified courses.

What Is Covered

  • all levels of study, from GED to graduate level (including a tuition benefit for the MIT EMBA program)
  • courses related to your job or career
  • some career counseling or coaching sessions
  • courses that you take for credit at MIT if you have been accepted as an Advanced Study Program Student
  • tuition and some fees including registration, application, lab, library, and technology (not the cost of a personal computer)
  • a calendar-year maximum of $5,250 in reimbursements for all courses except MIT Advanced Study Program courses
  • the Tuition Assistance Plan is not intended for professional development and training purposes

How It Works

Read the Tuition Assistance Plan Guide.

 Download the Tuition Assistance Plan Guide

The Guide will explain how to

  1. confirm that you are eligible for the Tuition Assistance Plan.
  2. determine if your course qualifies for reimbursement. To qualify for tuition assistance, a course must fall within one of the following areas of study: First Degree, Job-Related, Career-Related, and Career Counseling/Coaching, and it must meet for at least five days unless it qualifies for certain exceptions. For Career-Related Study courses, you must submit a Career Development Proposal and receive approval from Human Resources before taking the courses.
  3. pay in full with your own funds. MIT cannot sign payment deferment agreements or contracts on your behalf with other schools, and your department cannot pay for your tuition and then be reimbursed under the Tuition Assistance Plan.
  4. request reimbursement upon successful completion. You must submit your request for reimbursement within 90 days of the course end date.

Request Reimbursement

 Your Tuition Assistance account in Atlas

Need Help?

If you have questions that are not answered by reviewing the Tuition Assistance Plan Guide, you can email or call MIT Benefits for help.

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Complete this form only when the area of study for your course(s) is Career-Related.

Complete this form only if you are unable to access your Tuition Assistance Account in Atlas.