Organization Development Consulting

MIT provides consultation and expertise to MIT leaders, managers, and HR professionals to build organizational effectiveness and to ensure MIT has the ability to foster an inclusive and respectful work environment and meet current and future talent needs.

We do this through OD consulting and through offering a wide range of learning and growth opportunities for MIT staff. Our programs, services, and resources enable MIT's departments, labs, centers, and institutes (DLCIs) to plan strategically, manage change, build bench strength, create an inclusive culture, and enhance team and organizational effectiveness. 

Support for MIT's Strategic Action Plan Commitments

Are you looking for ways to create a greater sense of belonging as part of your local commitments in support of MIT's Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition? Reach out to for tools or guidance on ways to

  • enhance the onboarding experience of your new employees,
  • create local mentoring programs, and
  • engage leaders, managers, and staff in the cultivation and implementation of the MIT Values in their teams and DLCIs

Our Consulting Services

  • Change management – apply a structured approach to enable leaders and groups to plan, implement and communicate significant changes in direction, scope, funding, size, leadership or commitments.
  • Culture development – build and sustain a culture that supports organizational strategy, shaped by a set of shared core values and guiding principles for everyday decision-making, actions and behaviors.
  • Management and leadership development – apply inclusive management and leadership practices, tools and approaches that enable exemplary leadership and organizational success.
  • Strategic planning – develop strategic plans through an inclusive process that creates a clear vision, mission and roadmap to achievable goals and measurable outcomes.
  • Talent management – apply tools, strategies and best practices in workforce planning, performance development, succession planning and career planning to engage, develop and recognize MIT's diverse staff.
  • Team and organizational effectiveness –  develop high-performing teams through goal, role and process clarity, group operating norms, early conflict resolution, building accountability and trust and leveraging diverse perspectives and talents.

When to Contact Us

  • When you are looking to enhance employee engagement
  • When you are working to ensure inclusive practices and a welcoming workplace
  • When experiencing a change in direction
  • When planning for management and leadership transitions
  • When you are building a new team or reforming your current team
  • When the work requires new skills, knowledge, or behaviors

Virtual Consultations

In addition to our current consultation services, receive individual consultation on how to lead an organization, manage a team, and engage staff who work remotely. To reach a consultant, email

Customized Learning Resources

Request a customized set of learning resources to share with your staff on how to work remotely based on your area’s needs. To request a customized set of learning resources, email

How to Contact Us

Meet the Talent and Career Development team, email or see our OD Consulting flyer to learn more.