Cigna Global Health Benefits

Cigna Global Health Benefits is MIT's global healthcare vendor, offering combined medical, Rx, dental, vision, and international Employee Assistance Program (iEAP) benefits.

About Cigna Global Health Benefits

Cigna is a premier health services company, delivering integrated innovative solutions for globally mobile employees and their families. To learn more about your new benefit, watch these videos or download Cigna Benefits at a Glance.

Global network

You and your family are able to seek medical care from virtually any licensed health care professionals you choose. Cigna's global network of more than one million doctors and hospitals is unmatched in the industry—with nearly 360,000 physicians, hospitals and ancillary providers outside of the U.S. and more than 900,000 Cigna HealthCare providers within the U.S.

To find a doctor, dentist or facility within the U.S., please follow these instructions.

Cigna Envoy

Once enrolled in coverage, we encourage you to log into Cigna's member website, where you can register and obtain fast access to:

  • Additional ID Cards: View or print ID cards anytime, anywhere.
  • Health Care Professional Directory: Find contact information, maps and directions for the Cigna Network of doctors, health care professionals, and hospitals around the world.
  • Understanding Your Coverage: View the information you need, from an Explanation of Benefits to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Supporting Transition of Care: For members with ongoing conditions, please complete a Transition of Medical Management Form and return it directly to Cigna and their clinical team, who will engage directly with you on an individual, confidential basis to help support you through this transition period.
  • Managing a Condition: Complete a health and well-being assessment and get tips on managing your health, medication, and well-being while on assignment.
  • Country Guides: Find valuable health, cultural, and safety contact information for your assignment location.
  • ePayment Benefits: Get reimbursed fast! Sign up and have your payments deposited directly into your account.

 Cigna Envoy

Highlights of your Cigna Global Health benefits

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Cigna's network of experienced multilingual customer service representatives are specially trained to handle questions about your plans. Representatives are available to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Cigna offers toll-free or collect telephone access to their global service centers and they can verify your coverage and link you to health care professionals and hospitals all over the world.
  • Clinical Support Services: Offers medical case management, decision support for serious medical issues to make informed decisions about diagnosis and available treatment options, transition of care, and online second opinions.
  • Health & Well-being Assessment: Complete a health and well-being assessment and get tips on managing your health, medication, and well-being while on assignment.

How to Enroll or Make Changes

Enroll or make changes by completing the Cigna Global Health Enrollment/Change Form and returning it to one of the representatives below.

Need Help or Have Questions?

Visit for help understanding your coverage, finding health care professionals, and more. If you still need assistance, the following MIT Benefits representatives are available to answer your questions.

MIT Benefits RepresentativePhoneEmail
Cari Angellotti, Manager – Health & Welfare
Mandy Chan, Senior Benefits