Nomination Questions

Use the questions below as a guide to prepare your nomination before you submit it. 

  1. Give us some background information that explains why you are nominating the individual or team.
    • IIf possible, briefly describe the nominee/team's position and general job responsibilities.
    • Has the individual/team shown strong performance consistently?
    • In which ways did the individual or team work beyond the normal requirements of their job?
  2. Describe a specific instance or project where the individual or team exemplified their special contribution or innovative solution.
    • Is there an issue, problem, or situation that the individual or team successfully addressed?
    • How were innovations and/or solutions identified, developed, and implemented?
    • Were there collaborative efforts with other disciplines and/or departments?
    • How was leadership and/or teamwork exemplified?
  3. What impact does the contribution/achievement have on the DLC, or the Institute?
    • How does the community benefit? (Note that "community" may include staff, faculty, students, MIT, Cambridge, national and/or global)
    • How did the contribution/achievement improve service quality and/or efficiency?
    • How did the contribution/achievement enhance diversity, foster an employee's professional development, and/or promote work/life balance?

Additional Documentation

Nominations may be augmented by Additional Documentation. This single document can be a letter of support, a compilation of statements of support from multiple colleagues, an example of the nominee's work, or any other documentation that might be helpful. Each nomination can only include one Additional Documentation, of no more than two pages in length.

Please submit your Additional Documentation in PDF format, and title as "Nominee Last Name_AD_Nominator Last Name."

If you are submitting audio/video/other file formats, please use the same naming format.