Leave Administration

See information for employees, managers, and DLC administrators on how leaves are processed.

Calculating Pay Using the State Formula Rate

When leaves are paid at the state formula rate, the payment is calculated based on a formula applied to the employee's actual past wages. Learn how to calculate your pay at the state formula rate during a leave.

Impact of Leave Request Timing on Pay

The timing of an employee’s initial leave request, extension of current leave request, or the late submission of satisfactory medical documentation may impact or delay the timing of an employee's pay during a sick or family leave. See more on how the timing of leave requests or medical documentation submission can impact pay.

Medical Documentation

Employees are required to submit medical documentation for all leaves related to serious health conditions. Learn more about medical documentation requirements.

Policy Highlights

See our overview of MIT's leaves and the Workpartners leave process.

Salary Charges

Learn how sick and family leaves are charged to departments or Institute accounts, depending on the type of leave.

Timesheet Instructions

Tips for managers and DLC administrators on timesheet entry for hourly employees.

Workpartners OBI Application

Authorized MIT DLC leave contacts may use the Workpartners O|BI application to review and manage leaves.

More Information

See our FAQs for employees and managers and DLC administrators.