Performance Development as an Active Partnership

Through active partnership, each participant is responsible for making performance development practices as effective as possible.

There are benefits to managers, employees, and organizations that invest in performance development. When done consistently and well, these practices result in clearer expectations and measures of success, better performance on the individual and organizational levels, and an engaging and inclusive environment where employees are can learn, grow, and contribute to MIT’s mission.


  • Establishing clear, measurable expectations and creating an inclusive climate conducive to success
  • Guiding performance to ensure individual tasks contribute to the attainment of team and department goals
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance performance and build new knowledge and skills
  • Provide support, guidance, and ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Note accomplishments and give constructive examples for improvements
  • Cultivate the development and career potential of each individual
  • Leverage unique talents and differences
  • Foster a climate of respect and inclusion
  • Clarifying goals and expectations
  • Receiving feedback, resources, and training to meet performance goals
  • Identifying performance and development goals and understanding how they relate to team and department goals
  • Providing the opportunity to discuss performance and work challenges
  • Take the lead role in identifying areas to develop and committing to ongoing development
  • Be open to receiving feedback
  • Understand team and departmental priorities
  • Keep track of performance, contributions and accomplishments
  • Contribute to a respectful and inclusive climate
The Institute
  • Helping both the manager and the employee assess how performance and development fits into the bigger picture
  • Facilitating the department and Institute in realizing goals and objectives
  • Assisting the department in determining whether skills and knowledge of current staff can meet future needs of the organization
  • Provide the tools and resources that enable learning and growth
  • Provide guidance and information for managers and employees about best practices
  • Set clear guidelines about performance review practices

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