How to Nominate

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The nomination window for the 2022 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal has closed.

What Makes a Successful Nomination?

  • Answering the nomination questions and speaking to how the individual/team contributes to the MIT community.
  • Showing that others support the nomination by adding Additional Documentation to your nomination.

Ready to Start?

Excellence Awards nominations are accepted through a platform called Submittable. You'll need an MIT certificate or your Kerberos username and password to use Submittable. When you go to create your account, or to sign into your account again later, choose "Single Sign On" so you can use your certificate or Kerberos to access the site.

Access to Submittable will be available here in the fall of 2022 for nominations for the 2023 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal.

What Else You Should Know

Nominations may be augmented by Additional Documentation. This single document can be a letter of support, a compilation of statements of support from multiple colleagues, an example of the nominee's work, or any other documentation that might be helpful. Each nomination can only include one Additional Documentation, of no more than two pages in length.

Please submit your Additional Documentation in PDF format, and title as “Nominee Last Name_AD_Nominator Last Name.”

If you are submitting audio/video/other file formats, please use the same naming format.

Tips for video nominations 

Most written nominations are approximately two pages in length.  In video length, that is about eight minutes. Please be sure that your video nomination includes plenty of detail!

  • You can record your video on your phone, Zoom, or another platform.
  • Find a quiet place to record, and make sure the sound is turned up. 
  • Create a list of what you want to cover about the nominee/team.
  • Provide background on why the individual/team is being nominated.
  • If possible, describe the nominee/team's position and general job responsibilities.
  • Be explicit in your description: "One of the award criteria for Outstanding Contributor is….I’m going to list three ways that this nominee/team has fulfilled that."
  • What impact did the contribution/achievement have on MIT, the DLC, or team?
  • Don't worry about how it looks. The Committee needs details, not production value.
  • Video nominations may also include Additional Documentation, but these must be in written format.
  • You'll see an option to upload your video when you create the nomination in Submittable.

Need Some Help?

Please see the useful tips for writing a nomination or the Excellence Awards FAQ. You can also email