The I-9 Process at MIT

In accordance with U.S. immigration law, all faculty, staff, and student workers paid by MIT are required to provide proof of identity and authorization to work in the United States.

Step 1

On or before their first day of work, employees and student workers must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 in MIT's online system.

 Form I-9

Please note: Once you have submitted Section 1 of Form I-9, you will not be able to re-access it. 

Step 2

After completing Section 1, you have 3 business days from beginning work at MIT to present original supporting documentation.

  • If you are working on campus, you must verify your supporting documents in person by appointment at the Atlas Service Center.
  • If you are working remotely within the United States, or if you work on campus but are in quarantine, you must verify your supporting documents using an authorized representative at your location.
  • If you are working remotely from outside the United States, you must inform the I-9 office of your current work location and when you plan to be on campus. When you arrive in the U.S., you will need to complete your verification using the on campus method above.

What Else You Should Know


Current employees or student workers whose work authorizations are due to expire, and who are continuing employment, are required to reverify their I-9.  Reverify your supporting documents by following these instructions.


All new paid MIT employees hired or newly required, including faculty, staff and student workers, are to be E-Verified. All existing employees or student workers assigned to perform work on a federal contract which includes a FAR clause must also be submitted to E-Verify in compliance with federal law. The E-Verify process works together with the I-9 process and the Atlas Service Center will facilitate this process.

Learn more about E-Verify.

Information for DLCIs

See important information for DLCI Administrators (MIT access only).

Departments should submit new hire transactions as early as possible so that employee and student worker information is in the system before the employee or student conducts the verification step. This will help the process run smoothly for employees and student workers, and will avoid delay or interruption of employment.

Newly required employees

A newly required appointment is one that goes from unpaid to paid or from Postdoctoral Fellow to regular paid employee. Newly required employees must complete Form I-9 following the steps for new employees above. The process must be completed within 3 days of becoming newly required.

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