A range of resources is available to advise and assist anyone in dealing with a complaint. MIT urges you to consider using one of the resources listed below. 

Some of these resources serve employees, some serve students, and some serve all members of the MIT community.

MIT Resources

Resources available to faculty, staff, other employees, postdoc associates and fellows

Resources primarily for students

There are also a number of state and federal agencies that assist individuals who believe that they have been harassed or discriminated against in violation of law. Some of these governmental agencies are listed below.

MIT Policies

MIT’s policies on expected standards of conduct

MIT’s policies on expected standards of conduct, including its policy against harassment, are located here:

Governmental resources

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
475 Government Center
Boston, MA 02203
Tel: 800-669-4000

Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights
Enforcement Office
Office for Civil Rights/Boston
US Department of Education, 8th Floor
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109
Tel: 617-289-0111

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
1 Ashburton Place, 6th Floor, Room 601
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-994-6000

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (for crime victims and witnesses)
One Ashburton Place, Suite 1101
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-727-5200