Determining Individual Merit Increases

MIT is committed to retaining its many talented employees. Studies show that one of the most effective ways to retain top performers is to reward them based on job performance.

Managers can reward performance most effectively by carefully distributing their merit pool. Merit increases can be used to recognize an employee's performance, contributions, and past year's achievements.

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Points to keep in mind

  • Individuals with superior performance can be recognized with review increases at or above the established merit allocation amounts. Individuals with average performance would receive lesser amounts.
  • If an employee does not meet performance expectations, consider deferring a merit increase for three to six months to see if performance improves during that time period.
  • For employees to understand their level of performance, communicate with them about their:
    • Established performance ratings
    • Department's corresponding merit ranges
    • Specific merit allocation

How MIT's annual merit increase is determined

The Compensation Office, in conjunction with appropriate MIT senior leadership, develops initial recommendations for each of the Institute’s various staff categories.

  • Recommendations are prepared after careful study of
    • the Institute's relationship to the outside market
    • its salary trends
    • general economic indicators, such as national and regional inflation and unemployment patterns
    • local, regional, and national market data—including industry and higher education pay program trends—which helps ensure that MIT’s merit program is comparable to those in other industries, including higher education.
  • Initial recommendations are reviewed and approved by the Salary Subcommittee. The Salary Subcommittee Chair reviews the recommendations with the Executive Committee of the Corporation for final vote. Recommendations are evaluated in the context of the Institute's financial position and available funds.

Annual merit increase eligibility and effective dates

CategoryReview Eligibility (on or before)Effective Date of Increase
Sponsored Research StaffJuly 1January 1
Support StaffLast Monday in November.Beginning of the pay period closest to April 1.
Administrative and Medical StaffJanuary 1July 1
Faculty and Other Academic StaffDate of hireJuly 1, if actively employed.

NOTE: Review increases are effective on July 1 for Service Staff

See more information on the annual performance review schedule or download the Annual Salary Review calendar below.