Annual Salary Review (ASR)

The annual salary review (ASR) is conducted one time per year for each payroll category.

The annual salary review is made up of two components, the Merit Increases and Performance Reviews.

The submission and processing of merit increases are done in SAPgui. Quick Cards are provided to guide Approvers and Administrators through the SAP-ASR module.


Download the Annual Salary Review calendar or see the general Schedule of Reviews on the Performance Development site.

Guidelines for Merit Increases and Performance Reviews

  • Distribution should be done in a thoughtful way to ensure your top performers receive the maximum amount possible. See information on determining individual merit increases.
  • If an employee will not be receiving a salary increase due to marginal and unsatisfactory performance, a memo justifying the nature of the performance deficiencies must be submitted to the Assistant Dean's/VP-designee's office and maintained in the employee's file.
  • Should an employee's performance warrant it, department heads and directors of administration and finance have the option of deferring the merit increase.
  • Managers/directors of administration and finance also have the option of giving an employee a one-time lump sum in addition to or in lieu of adding the merit to the employee's base salary.
  • Managers/directors of administration and finance should have already scheduled time to provide their staff with performance feedback as well as a written performance review which includes performance goals and a career development plan.
  • Human Resources has a Performance Development website which includes a number of useful tools and resources, and a special Performance Development page just for managers.

Records Maintenance

Massachusetts law requires that all employee records be retained for three years after the employee leaves the employer. However, it is MIT practice to retain records – including performance review documents – for four years after the employee leaves MIT. The law considers MIT, not any particular department, to be the employer. Therefore, departments should continue to retain the personnel records for employees who have transferred to a different department within MIT. Records for employees who have left MIT may be destroyed after four years.

If a department is using its own performance review form, please note that MIT must inform an employee of anything negative in a performance review. HR strongly recommends that the performance review form include the following statement:

This annual performance review will become part of your personnel file. Please sign below to acknowledge you have received this document.

Learn more about performance reviews at MIT.