Change of Legal Name or Sex

If you are an active employee, you may use this form to notify MIT of your name change and/or a change to your legal sex. You may also use this form to tell us about a dependent’s change of name or legal sex.

Students, Lincoln Laboratory employees, and MITemps employees should not use this form. See the Personal Information Center if you wish to notify us of a change.


You will need to submit documentation to support your request. The form will allow you to safely send your documentation to us using secure email. We cannot process change requests until this supporting documentation has been received.

Valid forms of documentation

For a change in legal name for you or for a dependent, valid supporting documentation includes an image or PDF of a ...

  • marriage license,
  • new Social Security card, or
  • state-issued certificate of name change

For a change in legal sex for you or for a dependent, valid supporting documentation includes an image or PDF of a ...

  • letter certifying applicant's gender change
  • physician's statement in support of amendment of a birth certificate following medical intervention for the purpose of sex reassignment


After you submit your request and your documentation, your information will be updated in MIT systems. The new information will be available to MIT Human Resources and to your health plan and retirement benefits carriers as needed.

Employees are responsible for notifying the Credit Union of name changes.

Ready to begin?

If you have read the above and have your documentation ready, you may begin the form.

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