Parenting All Ages

At the MIT Work-Life Center, we understand that as children grow older, parents face an array of new challenges. 

That’s why we’ve worked hard to cultivate an internationally recognized program of services to support those in our community who are raising children. This includes biological and adoptive parents, step-parents, guardians, grandparents, extended family, foster parents, and others responsible for children's care.

The MIT Work-Life Center has resources that can help you develop the parenting style that best meets your children’s needs—from one end of the parenting spectrum to the other—and provide you with a wealth of research-based information and practical suggestions to navigate through challenging and exciting life experiences alike

In This Section

MIT Paid Leave for new parents

If you have decided (or are deciding) to become a parent, you may be wondering how MIT can support you along the way. 

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Breastfeeding support

MIT provides a supportive environment for nursing mothers by offering special work policies and lactation resources.

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School and educational support

As parents, how do we help our school-age children develop the skills they need to engage successfully in new, complex, and demanding educational and social environments? The MIT Work-Life Center has resources to help parents navigate elementary, middle, and high school, and support their child's special learning needs.

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Parenting adolescents

Parenting adolescents can present new challenges and great rewards. The MIT Work-Life Center has a number of resources to help parents support their children, and themselves, through the ups and downs of these teen years.

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College admissions and financial advising

The college admissions process can seem opaque and complex. If you are helping a child who is applying to college, it can be difficult to determine what role to play, what help to give, and how to give it. In addition, families face the often daunting task of paying for college.

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