Recognizing Staff at MIT

MIT has many ways to recognize the exceptional contributions of staff from all parts of the Institute. 

Taking the time to recognize a colleague, team member, or direct report helps to increase engagement, reduce burn-out, and provide motivation – both for them, and for you!

Recognition is a critical part of a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. You can contribute to that culture by taking advantage of the many options to recognize MIT staff through the Institute's recognition program. 

Recognition Right Now

MIT Recognition supports quick opportunities for community members to recognize MIT colleagues for exceptional work, with both public and private options.

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Here's an idea for quick thanks: Recommend that your direct reports or colleagues attend the daily MIT @2:50 – a 10-minute mindfulness exercise designed to help staff, faculty, students, and the global community have the chance to reflect and recharge.

 More Quick Ideas

More Ways to Recognize

Nomination-Based Recognition

  • Infinite Mile: Schools and organizational areas at MIT host annual Infinite Mile events to honor staff teams and individuals for significant accomplishments. Criteria for receiving the awards are determined within each DLC. 
  • MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal: The MIT Excellence Awards are formal, Institute-wide awards presented at an annual ceremony and administered by central HR. The program also includes the Collier Medal.
    The 2022 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal Awards

    Congratulations to this year's award recipients!

  • The MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service: The MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service will be given annually to a staff member at MIT whose service to the Institute results in positive lasting impact on MIT's community.

How Do You Like to be Recognized?

MIT staff, let's hear from you. How do YOU like to be recognized? (Responses may be edited.)

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Some responses we've received:
  • "I like when my manager passes on the good things he's heard from colleagues about me."
  • "My boss always sends me an email after a presentation. It may not sound like a big deal, but it always makes me feel that I've done a good job."
  • "Individual contributors and support staff want to be acknowledged by senior leadership, directors, and VPs - in emails, in passing, or even in dept. newsletters."
  • "Gifts, lunches, or other small tokens show recognition and are always appreciated."
  • "When metrics and reports with quantitative info about work I've completed are shared at staff meetings, one on ones, or for updates to leadership."
  • "Receiving an Infinite Mile Award this year. More importantly, that my coworkers wrote the nomination."