Recognizing Staff at MIT

Steve Lanou, a member of the 2012 Selection Committee, closes the award ceremony.

Michael Doiron is congratulated by Provost Martin Schmidt at the 2014 Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony.

Gilles Simler receives the Innovative Solutions award from Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart at the 2016 Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony.

Audilia Fernandes is congratulated by President L. Rafael Reif at the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony.

Audience members fill Kresge Auditorium at the MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony. 

Mercedes Balcells-Camps is congratulated by Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz at the 2019 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony.

Shirley Entzminger receives the Unsung Hero award from Eric Evans at the 2009 awards ceremony.

Susan Hockfield congratulates James Daley at the 2008 Excellence Awards ceremony.

MIT has many ways to recognize the exceptional contributions of staff from all parts of the Institute. 

Taking the time to recognize a colleague, team member, or direct report helps to increase engagement, reduce burn-out, and provide motivation – both for them, and for you!

Recognition is a critical part of a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. You can contribute to that culture by taking advantage of the many options to recognize MIT staff through the Institute's recognition program. 

Recognition Right Now

MIT Recognition supports quick opportunities for community members to recognize MIT colleagues for exceptional work, with both public and private options.

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Here's an idea for quick thanks: Set aside time at All Staff meetings for DLC leadership to recognize the work of teams in the department.

 More Quick Ideas

More Ways to Recognize

Nomination-Based Recognition