MIT's Recognition Program

MIT's Recognition program serves to highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job functions across the Institute.

Employee recognition can be given in many ways — through saying thank you, giving praise, providing opportunity, or showing respect. Many studies on the work place have shown that being recognized for achievements, knowing that one's contributions matter to the organization, and the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment. MIT supports growing a culture of development for MIT employees.

MIT Celebrates Excellence!

The MIT Excellence Awards and Collier Medal recognize the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of MIT staff and community members. Nominations are being accepted now. 

Our Program

Recognition is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis and in a variety of different ways. It is also important that recognition activities be aligned with the culture of the workplace. To this end, MIT provides three different opportunities for acknowledging co-workers and peers and has given each area considerable freedom to customize their own activities.

Appreciation awards/Spot appreciation awards

Appreciation awards are for informal, on-the-spot, day-to-day recognition , administered and delivered in local areas. Learn more.

Infinite Mile awards

Infinite Mile awards are typically formal, semi-annual or annual awards administered and presented in local areas. Learn more.

The MIT Excellence Awards

The MIT Excellence Awards are formal, Institute-wide awards presented at an annual ceremony and administered by central HR.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients.

Thank a community member

Have you observed members of our community who are taking extraordinary measures to help maintain business operations, assist students and staff in transitions, and ensure the safety of all of us at MIT? Tell us about it -- it takes only seconds to say thank you!

Collier Medal Award

MIT's Recognition Program also includes the Collier Medal. This award was created to honor the memory of Officer Sean Collier, who was shot and killed on April 18, 2013 while protecting and serving MIT. Officer Collier had a passionate curiosity that led him to learn and experience life in a way that energized others and created invaluable community connections. Through the Medal, Officer Collier will live on as a lasting part of the MIT community. Learn more.