Engaging Staff and Teams

Articles and resources on successfully engaging the individuals and teams in your area.

Building successful teams

  • Building Resilience as a Leader: The Six Pillars of Resilience
    This short video  offers a model for developing the resilience you need to lead your team with confidence, adaptability, positivity, perspective, and mastery of mindset. (LinkedIn Learning)
  • How Leaders Can Engage Employees During a Return to Work
    Four practices to build trust and sense of purpose. Includes a helpful outline calendar of communications. (McKinsey and Company)
  • It's Time to Re-onboard Everyone
    With high turnover, the shift to remote work, and continued uncertainty, chances are that everyone on your team is feeling a bit unmoored right now. So consider a team-wide onboarding this fall, for both new and old employees. This article offers a few tips on how to do that. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Trusting Teams
    Author and speaker Simon Sinek asserts that leadership is not about being in charge but about taking care of those in your charge. He says the responsibility of a leader is to create a trusting team, which is defines as an environment in which people feel safe and entrusted to do their jobs. In trusting teams, he explains, people are able to work at their natural best. (YouTube)

Managing hybrid and remote teams

  • Are You Ready for the Hybrid Workplace?
    In this 13 minute podcast, Wharton professor Martine Haas speaks with Wharton Business Daily about how to make the hybrid workplace equitable, focusing on the risk of power differentials when some employees work from home, while others work in the organization's office. (Wharton Business Daily)
  • Help Your Employees Manage Their Reentry Anxiety
    While planning to keep employees physically safe, employers must not forget the impact of Covid-19 on emotional and psychological health. Drawing on their experience as people, culture, and change consultants, the authors identify five things employers must do to help reduce employee re-entry and anxiety. (Harvard Business Review)
  • How to Build Trust with Colleagues You Rarely See
    Building trust is key to success for any organization. But that can be tricky when it comes to colleagues that you only interact with virtually. What does it take to build trust when you can’t meet in person?  (Harvard Business Review)
  • How to Manage the New Hybrid Workplace
     Many employees won’t go back to the office full-time. That’s going to require significant rethinking on the part of bosses. (Wall Street Journal)
  • How Microaggressions Look Different When We're Working Remotely
    HR professional Sarah Morgan explains how microaggressions show up in the online environment and provides suggestions for addressing these behaviors (Fast Company)
  • Nine Tips for Managing Remote Employees
    Make remote work more productive and engaging for employees with these empathetic but practical actions. (Gartner Group)
  • Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to reenergize organizations for the long run
    Leaders must actively manage the energy of their workforces, cultivate the quality of employee relationships, and demonstrate a capacity for resilience to recharge their organizations during long-term challenging times. (McKinsey and Company)
  • Redesigning the Post-Pandemic Workplace
    As organizations make plans to bring remote employees back to the workplace, leaders have an opportunity to rethink how and where work is best done, and how to combine the best aspects of remote and colocated work. (Sloan Management Review)
  • The Simple Guide to Building Team Culture in a Hybrid Model  
    Creating a team culture were members thrive is critical to its success. Explore ways to build a team culture as we transition to a hybrid work model. (Brightful Blog)
  • What to Do If Your Team Doesn't Want to Go Back to the Office
    Find approaches to help you come to a reasonable set of accommodations that everyone can get behind. (Harvard Business Review)

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