Temporary Help

MIT has resources and services to help meet your temporary staffing needs.

Find a Temporary Employee

The designation "temporary employee" or "temporary staff" means someone who is hired by a staffing agency or another third party.  Employees hired directly by MIT with a specified end date to their appointment – even if the appointment is very short -- are  considered "term" employees. 

For hiring non-MIT employees, MIT's preferred staffing agencies are ready to help when you need temporary staff to fill an opening. The agencies have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the MIT community and they have a long-standing history of providing quality talent at favorable, negotiated bill rates. In addition, if you decide to hire the temporary worker from one of their Office/Administrative Divisions as an MIT employee, the placement fees are waived. If you hire a temporary worker from one of their other divisions, placement fees are based on the number of days worked.

Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to conduct reference checks for temporary hires, particularly for MITemps and other temporary agency workers who have previously worked at MIT.

Preferred vendor partners

Apex Systems

Apex Systems provides

  • Life sciences staffing for lab support roles
  • IT staffing in
    • Applications and data management
    • Digital experience and content strategy
    • Project management
    • Business operations

For more information or to request a temporary worker, please contact:

David Miller

Beacon Hill Staffing

Beacon Hill Staffing offers staffing in:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources
  • IT
  • Life sciences
  • Other professional services
  • Administrative support positions 

For more information or to request a temporary worker, please contact:

Brad Gregory

Hollister Staffing

Hollister Staffing has expertise in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative support positions
  • IT
  • Human Resources

For more information or to request a temporary worker, please contact:

Taylor Sniffen, Senior Business Development Representative - Administrative & HR

Professional Staffing Group (PSG)

Professional Staffing Group (PSG) has expertise in placing temporary staff in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative support positions
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and communications
  • Short-term staffing to assist with events and conferences (on and off campus)

For more information or to request a temporary worker, please contact:

Dung Wilson, CSP
Senior Group Manager
(617) 250-1048

Deshaun Smith
Dedicated Account Manager
(617) 250-1023

Pay a Temporary Employee You've Already Found

Short-term hires are engaged through the MITemps program, managed by our vendor partner, nextSource. This provides a cost-effective, efficient way of onboarding and managing this population of the MIT workforce.

How to use MITemps

  • To onboard a short-term hire, complete the MITemps Request Form. To comply with onboarding requirements, you must submit this form at least 3-7 business days in advance of when you need the worker to start.
  • Learn about the process for working with MITemps on a short-term hire.

Extending or Ending Employment of a Temporary Employee

  • For temporary employees employed through a vendor partner, MIT managers work with the company to end, extend, or otherwise change a temporary employee's assignment with MIT. The company will communicate directly with the temporary employee.
  • If the individual is authorized to work onsite, DLCs must end authorized access at the end of the temporary employee's engagement.

Need Help?

For questions regarding the MITemps program, please contact:

Tim McAward – VP, Higher Ed
(248) 765-5137

Marie Barry – Sr. Program Manager
(917) 818-2318

Joanna Joseph – Program Specialist
(917) 818-2306

Reference: Types of Non-Academic Appointments

The following information  help you determine if an employee should be a nextSource or MIT employee. You must choose one of the categories below in order for the hiring process to begin.

Section A

Non-MIT student employees

  1. (NON MIT) STUDENT PROGRAM WORKERS: High school or college students who are in a prescribed program of study {e.g., coop program, teen worker program, paid internship or visiting student (not international)}. This category of employment is typically not benefits eligible (with the exception of those students enrolled in a coop program that meets the benefit eligibility requirements). 

    Job/Position Codes:
    HR-01ST01  Non-MIT Student Program Worker
    HR-01ST02  International Visiting Student

    An EB rate will be charged for employees and retirees in any of the categories listed above.

MIT students

  1. REGISTERED MIT STUDENTS: A person who becomes an MIT student at the start of the term for which he or she is admitted or readmitted. Regular student status is retained until graduation, unless the student withdraws or is disqualified. Registered MIT Students (both undergraduate and graduate) who are currently registered, or who are eligible to register, must be paid on the student payroll. Undergraduate and graduate students registered in the spring term who do not graduate or withdraw from MIT retain their student status throughout the following summer. It is essential that MIT students be paid on the MIT student payroll to ensure proper taxation and application of overhead.
  2. UNREGISTERED MIT STUDENTS: Students who take either a leave of absence, withdraw or graduate with their degree are not eligible to work on the student payroll. They are eligible to work as a Regular MIT Employee, or a Regular MIT Term Employee as described in the Employment Policy Manual Section 2.1.2, Types of Non-Academic Appointments.

Section B

Independent contractors (including consultants)

  1. Individuals who are not employees of the Institute and who are contracted to provide a service to the Institute. Independent Contractors are individuals who are in business for themselves, preferably on a full-time basis, actively offer their services to the general public, and can demonstrate a consistent work performance for other clients. Independent Contractors are not supervised by other MIT employees, nor are they allowed to supervise any MIT employees. Terms of the relationship are defined in the terms of a written agreement that all Independent Contractors are required to sign. Typically, there is a written contract describing expectations and pay arrangements. Departments wishing to engage the services of an Independent Contractor must follow the guidelines and procedures promulgated by the Procurement Department.
  2. Faculty Members and Visiting Professionals from other colleges, universities, and organizations who are acting in a consulting capacity should be paid as consultants.

Independent Contractors are not benefits eligible and are issued Form 1099s at the end of the year.


SUBCONTRACTORS: Individuals whose work is defined by the terms of a contract with a government agency (e.g., DOE, NIH, NSF) for the provision of experimental, developmental or research work. Payment is generally issued on a cost reimbursement basis.

Subcontractors are not benefits eligible and are issued Form 1099s at the end of the year.

Section C

Temporary agency workers

Individuals who are interviewed, screened, selected, and hired by a temporary staffing agency for short-term assignments; i.e., those that typically have an end date. The agency maintains all necessary personnel and payroll records, computes wages, withholds applicable taxes, and pays net wages to the temporary agency worker. The agency is responsible for resolving the temporary agency workers' complaints and grievances and, at the request of MIT, for any reason, may remove the temporary agency worker assigned to MIT.

Preferred Temporary staffing agencies include Hollister Associates and Professional Staffing Group; these partner agencies have negotiated certain conditions of service (including rates) with Procurement through an RFP process. Other Temporary staffing agencies may be used in addition to these preferred vendors.

Individuals who are selected by MIT managers and referred to, screened, and hired by nextSource (our designated outside agency) for short-term assignments; i.e. those that typically have an end date, including summer employment. nextSource maintains all necessary personnel and payroll records. nextSource is responsible for responding to MITemps' complaints and grievances and, at the request of MIT, shall terminate any MITemp assignment at MIT. MIT employees may not be employed by both MIT and nextSource at the same time.  MITemps will be charged to GL account 420261.