Temporary Help

MIT has resources and services to help meet DLCIs meet their temporary staffing needs.

Find a temporary employee

MIT's preferred staffing agencies are ready to help when you need temporary staff to fill an opening.

Types of non-academic appointments

Use this information to help you determine if an employee should be MITemps (nextSource) staff or an MIT employee. 

Pay a temporary employee you've already found (MITemps)

Short-term hires are engaged through the MITemps program, managed by our vendor partner, nextSource. This provides a cost-effective, efficient way of onboarding and managing this population of the MIT workforce.

How to use MITemps
  • Use VNDLY to request, hire, manage, and approve time for all your MITemps temporary staffing needs. Please submit your request at least 3-7 business days in advance of when you need the worker to start.


    You can sign in using Single Sign On (SSO) through MIT Touchstone. MITemps hiring managers do not need a password.

  • Need help accessing VNDLY? Contact the nextSource program team at mit@nextsource.com.

  • Learn more about working with MITemps or get more help with VNDLY.

Extending or ending employment of a temporary employee

  • For temporary employees employed through a vendor partner, MIT managers work with the company to end, extend, or otherwise change a temporary employee's assignment with MIT. The company will communicate directly with the temporary employee.
  • If the individual is authorized to work onsite, DLCIs must end authorized access at the end of the temporary employee's engagement.

Need Help?

For questions regarding the MITemps program, please contact the nextSource program team at mit@nextsource.com.

A member of the nextSource program team is on campus on Wednesdays from 9:00-4:30 in the Atlas Service Center (located on the first floor of E17, 40 Ames Street entrance).

Program Team members are:

  • Marie Barry, Sr. Program Specialist
  • Jo Josephs, Program Specialist
  • Maggie Almonte, Program Specialist