I-9 Reverification

If you are a current employee or student worker whose I-9 work authorization is due to expire before your paid employment at MIT ends, you must have your Form I-9 reverified before the expiration date.

To have your current Form I-9 reverified you must present your latest appropriate supporting documents to an authorized MIT representative in-person. The representative will then review and update your current Form I-9 online.

(Important Note: Only authorized MIT representatives can view your current Form I-9 online. Do not attempt to access the I-9 system yourself to view your current Form I-9 or create a new one. The system will not grant you access.)

Where to Reverify Form I-9: On Campus

To reverify your Form I-9 on campus, book an in-person appointment at the Atlas Service Center:

 Make an Appointment

What to know about your visit to the Atlas Service Center

Before your appointment

  • If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please make sure to bring your appropriate supporting documents to your appointment.
  • You must also complete and bring the COVID-19 Attestation Form to your appointment.
    If you have any symptoms that are outlined on the form, do not attend your appointment. Please notify us at I-9@mit.edu that you cannot attend your appointment. You should also notify your supervisor.

At your appointment

  • Please be on time for your appointment at the Atlas Service Center in E17-106 (map and directions).
  • IMPORTANT: The front door entrance to E17 is locked. When you arrive at E17 building entrance, call 617-253-3000 to let us know you're here. Atlas staff will let you in.


  • Be sure to bring your supporting documents and your Attestation Form.
  • For safety reasons, do not bring any guests to your appointment. If you need an accommodation, please contact I-9@mit.edu.
  • Masks are required on campus. In order to identify you with the picture in the document you are providing, you will be asked to pull down your mask briefly; there will be a plexiglass barrier between you and the I-9 representative.
  • Show your photo identification at the service desk outside of E17-106.
  • You will be instructed about where to wait for the I-9 representative, based on social distancing guidelines.
  • You will be called by an I-9 representative to complete your Form I-9.
  • The I-9 representative will login to the system and review your current Form I-9.
  • The I-9 representative will ask you to provide your original supporting documents and briefly pull down your mask for identification. The representative will then complete Section 3 and take photos of your supporting documents, certifying reverification.

Where to Reverify Form I-9: At Your Own Location (within the U.S.)

  • Choose an authorized representative to meet in-person and verify your appropriate supporting documents. This can be any responsible citizen or documented alien adult who can physically meet with you (including your spouse or family member).
  • Use this form to tell us about your authorized representative selection.
  • MIT I-9 Operations will send your authorized representative a link with instructions on how to log into the I-9 system and reverify your current Form I-9.
  • You will meet with your authorized representative and provide them with your appropriate supporting documents for review.
  • Your authorized representative will log into the system to complete Section 3 of Form I-9 and attest that they have seen the original documents and upload copies to the system.

Need Help?

If you are working for MIT outside of the United States or have any questions regarding the I-9 Reverification process above, contact us at I-9@mit.edu.