Working with MITemps for Short-Term Hires

Learn what to expect when sourcing and onboarding a short-term hire with MIT's partner nextSource.

The MITemps Process

It can take 3-7 business days to complete the onboarding process and comply with I-9 documentation requirements. In cases where background checks are required, the process will take between 5-7 business days.

  • Once you have confirmed the person to be hired, complete the MITemps Request Form at least 3-7 business days in advance of when you need the worker to start.
  • MITemps will acknowledge receipt of the form within two business days.

    Note: During the peak hiring season leading into the summer months, MITemps response time will vary. At that time of year, some Request Forms may be acknowledged within two business days, but when an employee’s start date is several weeks into the future, nextSource will acknowledge receipt closer to the start date but not later than 30 days before the start date.

MITemps employee onboarding

  • Once the employee record has been established in the nextSource system (typically within two business days following receipt of the MITemps Request Form), the following occurs:
    • Employee receives an email notification from with the subject line: “Welcome to nextSource!”
    • The email includes instructions for important required onboarding activities, and explains that the employee will receive two additional email messages:
    • Note regarding Form I-9: This form can be completed online and includes instructions to the employee for identifying an “Authorizing Agent.” The employee may also choose to complete the form at the Atlas Service Center (Building E17) with help from MITemps (nextSource) staff members.
  • MIT Managers are responsible for requesting Kerberos IDs and MIT ID cards.

If your MITemp employee needs in-person assistance with the MITemp onboarding process, direct the employee to contact the MITemp's (nextSource) onsite resources for the program:

Frank Aiello, Program Manager

Lea White, Program Assistant

On Campus: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Building E17, Atlas Service Center
Campus presence is currently limited due to Covid-19

MITemp time sheet creation, submission, and approval

  • For employees: Once the MITemp employee completes Form I-9, direct deposit, and tax forms, the employee will receive a registration email from the Coupa Contingent Workforce System along with a user guide. Employees will enter their work hours in Coupa.
  • nextSource payroll is processed through a system known as Ultipro. The Ultipro HR/Payroll portal provides MITemp employees with access to the following pay-related data:
    • Pay statement details
    • Details from year-to-date pay summaries and archived pay statements
    • Ability to change or update information for direct deposit
    • Pay history for financial institutions
    • View or print
  • For Managers: nextSource will add new managers to the Coupa system, triggering an email to the manager with instructions for creating a system profile and login. nextSource also sends an email asking the manager to notify nextSource once their profile and login have been created. Once nextSource is notified, the manager and employee records are linked so the manager is able to approve the work hours submitted by the employee.


  • MITemp employees must enter their work time in the Coupa system no later than, Monday at 12:00 p.m.
  • Managers must approve time in Coupa no later than Monday at 5:00 p.m.

Pay dates and access to paystub

  • Pay is issued on a biweekly basis according to a schedule that nextSource provides to each employee.
  • MITemps employees can access their paystubs at Ultipro