Use the ratings information below to help you choose an overall rating during the performance review process.

Overall RatingOverview
(consistently exceeds expectations)
  • Consistently exceeds expectations in nearly all dimensions, not only producing remarkable results, but achieving them through extraordinary application of the competencies
  • Is seen as a clear role model and/or mentor; exhibits outstanding behaviors, skills, expertise and characteristics others want to emulate
H/Highly Effective
(meets all and frequently exceeds expectations)
  • Frequently delivers a strong level of performance and makes significant contributions by demonstrating a high level of productivity and quality of work; achieves and frequently exceeds goals
  • Generally demonstrates competencies at levels exceeding expectations for the position
  • May be viewed as a role model and/or mentor
S/Successful Performer
(consistently meets expectations)
  • Is a solid performer who gets things done and delivers on time; works to job description; goals are consistently achieved
  • Achieves performance and demonstrates competencies at a level consistent with position
N/Needs Improvement
(sometimes meets expectations)
  • Sometimes meets expectations; may miss some goals
  • May inconsistently demonstrate expected competencies
  • Needs further development and/or guidance or evaluation to fully meet position requirements
(does not meet expectations)
  • Regularly misses commitments and/or goals (e.g., quality, deadlines, results)
  • Regularly demonstrates behaviors inconsistent with expected competencies
  • Lacks or fails to utilize skills, knowledge, and/or competencies