Career Planning and Development for Employees

MIT provides comprehensive career development services to help you think about your career and development plan at MIT, including workshops and virtual individual consulting.

Individual Consultations

We can consult with you virtually or by phone. Let us know what works for you.

The career consulting process begins with an overall exploration of your development needs and career aspirations. It continues with a plan for accomplishing short and long-term goals. Depending on the need, the consulting can focus on any of the following development topics:

  • Assess skills, interests, and values
  • Explore new roles and careers at MIT
  • Research possibilities at MIT through informational interviewing
  • Create a development plan for your current position
  • Prepare for a development discussion with your manager
  • Build a professional network
  • Discuss options for continuing education
  • Develop strategies to manage common career stage transitions at early career, mid-career, or late career and retirement

Contact with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Staff Career Connections Slack Workspace

Join our new Slack workspace, Staff Career Connections (formerly the Informational Interview Network on Yammer). Group members can use this space to share information about job fields, positions, departments, and their career experiences through informational interviews with other members. This new home for career information is also a place to find, and to share:

  • Resources to help with informational interviewing;
  • Ideas, new trends, information, and best practices related to career development;
  • Articles, podcasts, and other resources; and
  • Updates on MIT workshops and events related to career development.

We look forward to building and connecting a diverse group of employees representing the many careers, positions, and departments at the Institute. We hope to see many of you posting and sharing ideas.

Find a guide to using the new workspace and other informational interviewing tools below.


MIT HR offers virtual workshops on a variety of topics to support your career development.

Additional Career Development Resources

Tuition Assistance Plan

MIT provides tuition assistance to help you build or improve the skills you need to develop your career at MIT.

MIT Young Professionals Program

The MIT Center for WorkLife and WellBeing provides seminars, workshops and consultations that explore issues of interest to young professionals, such as managing finances and navigating life, relationships, and career.


You may also access an initial career assessment and a follow-up session to help you or a family member with career exploration and job search questions by contacting MyLifeServices.