Career Planning and Development for Employees

MIT provides comprehensive career development services to help you think about your career and development plan at the Institute, including workshops and virtual individual consulting.

Career Services for MIT Employees

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are available to employees on a limited basis by appointment. The consultations provide basic advice for individuals focused on their career at MIT, are typically 1-3 meetings, and could include the following topics as needed:

  • Assess skills, interests, and values.
  • Explore new roles and career paths through informational interviewing and job search preparation.
  • Provide guidance on creating a development plan for your career goals.
  • Prepare for a development discussion with your manager.
  • Discuss options for continuing education  and professional development.
  • Develop strategies to manage common career stage transitions at early career, mid-career, or late career and retirement.

We can consult with you virtually or by phone. Let us know what works for you. Contact to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Staff Career Connections Slack Workspace

Join our Slack workspace Staff Career Connections (formerly the Informational Interview Network on Yammer). Members use this space to share information about job fields, positions, departments, and their career experiences through informational interviews with other members. The workspace is also where you can find and share:

  • Resources to help with informational interviewing;
  • Ideas, new trends, information, and best practices related to career development;
  • Articles, podcasts, and other resources; and
  • Updates on MIT workshops and events related to career development.

Find a guide to using the new workspace and other informational interviewing tools below.


MIT HR offers virtual workshops on a variety of topics to support your career development.

Podcast Series on Career Journeys at the Institute

A career can have many different paths – and each one is unique. Listen as Michele King Harrington, Career Development Program Administrator in Human Resources, talks with MIT employees about their career journeys at the Institute. Discover their helpful advice for your own career development planning. Find the podcasts here.

More Career Development Support

How can I get help updating my resume?

  • We offer a workshop on creating and improving resumes, cover letters, and CVs. Keep an eye on the workshops on our Learn and Grow page for upcoming sessions.
  • You may also wish to explore the resources from MIT's Career Advising and Professional Development Office.

Where can I find professional development opportunities?

  • Share your aspirations during your 1:1 with your manger. They may be able to share opportunities available within your team or department.
  • See our Learn and Grow page for upcoming workshops on a variety of professional development topics
  • Browse the resources available in the Atlas Learning Center. In addition to our own course catalog, you can explore LinkedIn Learning and
  • Take advantage of MIT's generous tuition reimbursement program to help you build or improve the skills you need to develop your career at MIT. 

How can I learn about other jobs and roles at MIT?

  • Use MIT's internal job search portal to explore career opportunities. This helps department hiring managers easily identify you as an internal candidate with highly valued MIT experience.
  • The Human Resources Talent Acquisition Department sends a bi-monthly update to current MIT staff members regarding new job openings. Subscribe using your MIT email address (Touchstone required).
  • Attend a Career Conversations workshop, where members of the MIT community share insight about their roles and career journeys. Watch the Learn and Grow page for upcoming sessions.
  • Join the Staff Career Connections Slack Workspace.

How can I assess my skills in preparation for applying for a new role at MIT?

  • Ask for feedback from your manager and colleagues, and review prior performance reviews to spot areas for improvement.
  • Attend a "Career Development: Assess Your Skills" workshop. Watch the Learn and Grow page for upcoming sessions.
  • MIT provides comprehensive career development consulting to help you think about your career and development plan at MIT. We can consult with you virtually or by phone – let us know what works for you. Contact to learn more or schedule an appointment.
  • You may also access a consultation with a career coach to help you or a household member with career exploration and job search questions by contacting MyLifeServices.