Creating a Culture of Respect

Respectful behavior is essential to the collaborative work at the heart of the MIT Mission Statement, and it's a pillar of the MIT Values Statement.

MIT has prioritized creating a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration, and many offices and staff are immersed in that effort.

We all have a stake and responsibility in this priority. Each of us can and should work to make sure all members of the MIT community feel valued, respected, listened to, and heard ­– with compassion, kindness, and a collaborative spirit regardless of function, level, or aspects of identify.

What you can do

Respect is a byproduct of how we behave and how others experience us. Being respectful begins with your mindset. Try to:

  • Be open to the needs, interests, and feelings of others
  • Embrace transparency and inclusion as core values
  • See diversity as a strength
  • Value each person, regardless of their role or identity
  • Be curious and open to others’ experience and perspectives
  • Question your assumptions before acting on them
  • View all interactions as an opportunity for building understanding and relationships

Being respectful in our actions requires managing ourselves and being attuned to others. The following resources can help you build skills in these areas.

For everybody

Especially for managers

For a personal consultation related to how you can contribute to a culture of respect at MIT, email