The 2020 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020 MIT Excellence Award + Collier Medal award winners!

Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives 

Mischa Shattuck
Specialist, Division 4: Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control
Lincoln Laboratory

J-PAL North America Diversity Equity and Inclusion Working Group
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

  • Desmond Amuh, Policy Associate
  • Toby Chaiken, Policy and Training Manager
  • Laura Feeney, Associate Director of Research & Training
  • Noreen Giga, Research Manager
  • Kalila Jackson-Spieker, Policy Manager
  • Isaak Belay Kifle, Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter
  • Chloe Lesieur, Development Coordinator
  • Vincent Quan, Associate Director of Policy
  • Liz Zuckerberg, Associate Director of Finance & Operations

Team Burke Mehta
Lincoln Laboratory

  • Bonita Burke, Assistant Group Leader, Division 4: Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control
  • Julie A. Arloro-Mehta, Associate Staff, Division 3: Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense

Bringing Out the Best 

Sarah Bouchard
Assistant Dean of Community Based Programs at the Priscilla King Gray Center for Public Service
Office of the Vice Chancellor

Stephanie Foster
Associate Staff, Division 4: Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control
Lincoln Laboratory

Deborah Liverman
Interim Executive Director of MIT Career Advising and Professional Development
Office of the Vice Chancellor

Collier Medal 

Nico Lang
Human Resources Administrator
Office of the Vice President for Finance

Innovative Solutions

Tyler Brezler
Financial Officer
Department of Chemistry, School of Science

Outstanding Contributor

Robert Bright
Director of Facilities
MIT Medical

Lisa Kelley
Administrative Staff, Division 10: ISR & Tactical Systems
Lincoln Laboratory

Eleana MacPhail
Administrative Manager, Simons Center for the Social Brain
School of Science

Jeffrey McLamb
Technical Staff, Division 5: Cyber System Assessments Group
Lincoln Laboratory

Marie Woods
Administrative Assistant II, Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research (LIGO Laboratory)
School of Science

Serving the Client 

Michelle K. Coyne
Director of Human Resources, Office of the Dean
School of Engineering

Jason Lloyd
Senior Assistant, Office of the Dean
Division of Student Life

Leslie Regan
Academic Administrator, Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering

Office of Minority Education Team
Office of the Vice Chancellor

  • Jackson Bowser, Program Assistant
  • Sarah Chrystler, Program Assistant/Administrative Assistant II, Professional Development Programs
  • Somiya Kalloo, Assistant Dean for Academic Excellence Programs
  • Devan M. Monroe, Staff Associate II
  • Cheryl Mottley, Administrative Assistant II, Receptionist and Communications Liaison
  • Fatima N. Smith, Administrative Assistant II, Finance and IT Liaison
  • Lilen Uchima, Assistant Dean for Professional Development and Academic Programs
  • Molly Wu, Program Assistant/Administrative Assistant I, Academic Excellence Program

Sustaining MIT 

The Office of the Vice President for Finance Sustainability Team

  • Stef Desmond, Senior Accounting Officer
  • Dimana Macdonald, Manager, HR/Payroll
  • James Nutter, Financial Analyst III
  • Johana Amatucci Reyes, Payroll Operations Specialist
  • Long Tran, Assistant Controller