Madeleine R.H. Riley

Assistant Graphic Designer
Technical Communications, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by 
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Our next recipient for the Serving the Client award is Madeleine R.H. Riley, Visual Production Designer in the Technical Communications department. Tech Comm plays an important role in the branding, identity, and dispersal of information across the community. Signage, posters, digital displays—it’s all the responsibility of Tech Comm, and Madeleine is the talented choreographer who makes sure it all happens on time and according to spec. She’s also a renowned problem solver, devising elegant solutions to what seem to be unsolvable challenges—meeting impossible deadlines with outsized skill and zero drama.

One of her clients wrote, “As a technical artist, the production of my work depends on the professional services provided by Tech Comm. Each project is unique. When I don’t know where to start—and even when I do!—I call Madeline. She always answers with a smile in her voice. And even when she delegates my request, she circles back to make sure I am satisfied with the results.

Another client shared, “Often, I would not have succeeded in my own efforts without her expertise, professionalism, efficiency, and friendly, positive attitude. So many of us wonder out loud—‘how does she do it’?”

Congratulation to Madeleine on your Excellence Award!