Michele Lynn Harris

Human Resources Administrator, Department of Chemistry
School of Science
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Glen Shor, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Our next Outstanding Contributor is the Human Resources Administrator in the Department of Chemistry. Her name is Michele Lynn Harris and, judging by her colleagues, a catalogue of her strengths would be about the same size as the Oxford English Dictionary. But here's the condensed version: Michele helps colleagues enhance their skills, achieve their full potential, and feel valued and respected. She's the person everybody seeks out for personal and professional support. On top of all of this—and against all odds—during the pandemic, she successfully managed the post-doc appointment and visa process for 120 researchers from all over the world.

Here's how one colleague summed it up: "Michele Harris is the best personnel manager I have ever worked with. She combines a thorough knowledge of all policies and procedures with a soft touch. She seamlessly combines effectiveness with humanity. She is terrific!"

Congratulations, Michele!