Mischa Shattuck

Specialist, Division 4: Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control
Lincoln Laboratory
Advancing Inclusion + Global Perspectives
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director, Lincoln Laboratory

Our next award for Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives goes to a woman that her colleagues describe as “a force.” Her official title is Senior Humanitarian Advisor to Lincoln Laboratory’s Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Systems. The name of this force?  Mischa Shattuck.

Mischa researches the evolving role of militaries in humanitarian crises, as well as civil-military coordination in humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief operations.

As one of her colleagues shared, “Mischa will call attention to ideas shared by female members of the research staff. She’ll let us know about rich opportunities—and vouch for our skills. She’ll go out of her way to make introductions that will boost our career development. And she tirelessly builds community among new women in the group. Mischa is a prime example of a leader who brings others up with her. Even just within our group, her emphasis on gender inclusion has made an immediate difference.”

When Mischa started working for the group, she was among the only female members. Now, thanks in large part to her efforts, the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Systems group has grown to be 25% non-male, and continues to focus on diversity as it expands.

Mischa also works to inspire young women in STEM at the high school level, and is heavily involved in the Beaver Works Summer Institute.

Mischa, your efforts exemplify what an inclusive leader should look like. Thank you, and congratulations on your Excellence Award.