Donyatta Small

Interim Director of Administrative Computing
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Tony Sharon

This last award—in the category of Serving the Client—goes to Donyatta Small the Interim Director of Administrative Computing, part of the Desktop Support Team in the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

As her colleagues write, many of us are filled with dread when we are stymied by a computer misbehaving and must seek professional intervention. Not so, they note, when they know that professional intervention means a consultation with Donyatta Small, whom they call “a tech support superstar.”

One of her colleagues noted, “When we call Donyatta, we are often calling in a panic.  She always alleviates our concerns and addresses the problem at hand swiftly, competently, and with a refreshing sense of humor.

Whether somebody has downloaded a virus, can’t figure out how to operate a new platform, or is desperate to fix a system error at a crucial time, she is the person we immediately turn to for help. Donyatta also has demonstrated a keen ability to improve systems so that they better serve our campus. The ease with which I am able to communicate with her department is a testament to the systems she has put into place to improve the work we do.”

And regardless of workload or the dire emergency she’s faced with, Donyatta, her colleagues say, always makes them feel at ease with a sense that the problem is under control. And, indeed, she always has the problem under control, even if it means bringing in IT reinforcements. In short Donyatta is the tech guru we all wish we had on the other end of the phone!