Gregory L. Long

Lead Laboratory Technical Instructor (NEET)
School of Engineering
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Anantha Chandrakasan, Dean, School of Engineering

Next, you’re going to meet Gregory L. Long, a Lead Instructor on the NEET Autonomous Machines project.

We don't give Excellence Awards for teaching, but Greg has earned this Outstanding Contributor honor for going above and beyond teaching.

Whether it is helping students in dealing with an administrative issue, offering academic advice, or even making suggestions on how to find an internship, Greg works with students at the intersection of several different fields of engineering and is always helping to maximize their MIT experience.

It would be impossible to enumerate every instance of ingenuity, commitment to collaboration, and devotion to students that Greg brings every day.

Happily, one of those students summed up those efforts in a single word, “Olympian.”