MIT.nano team

Award presented by
Glen Shor, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

I’m honored to present the Excellence Awards for Innovative Solutions. In 2021, many of you in this community contributed dynamic, game-changing solutions, and I want to extend my deepest appreciation to all of you.

The Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions honors those in the MIT community who collaborate creatively to solve problems, break down boundaries to drive change, and are steadfast in the face of challenges.

The first recipient—MIT.nano—is actually a team of five people:

  • Whitney Rochelle HessManager, Safety Systems and Programs, MIT.nano
  • Nicholas MenounosAssistant Director of Infrastructure, MIT.nano
  • Anna OsherovAssistant Director of User Services - Characterization.nano
  • Kristofor Robert PayerResearch Specialist, MIT.nano
  • Jorg ScholvinAssistant Director User Services - Fab.nano

Since the group launched in 2018, it has:

  • kept the MIT.nano facilities up and running through thick and thin,
  • redesigned the enormously complex toxic-gas monitoring system,
  • created MIT's first electrical safety hazard assessment program,
  • installed millions of dollars of new equipment,
  • trained and assisted more than 360 researchers,
  • and attended to the critical needs of the MIT.nano community with dedication, drive, and inventiveness.

They also assisted COVID-19 research projects that required MIT.nano tools, and developed safety protocols to support COVID-19 research.

As one colleague said, "No speech could be long enough to describe your outsized contributions, but please consider this Excellence Award a symbol of what you mean to our community." Congratulations!

See the MIT.nano team having some fun with their MIT Excellence Award snow globes.

Created by MIT.nano team: Whitney Rochelle Hess, Nicholas Menounos, Anna Osherov, Kristofor Robert Payer, and Jorg Scholvin