Jason SooHoo

IT Manager
Haystack Observatory
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
John Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer

I’m excited to introduce you to Jason SooHoo. He is the IT Manager at Haystack Observatory, one of the world’s great hubs of radio science. We are honoring Jason with the Outstanding Contributor Award today because of his role in project support.

Jason has traveled:

  • to the South Pole to configure a telescope as part of the Event Horizon Telescope Project, which released the world’s first image of a black hole;
  • to remote locations in Alaska in minus 47-degree weather to oversee the building of monitors for a geospace team;
  • to the Arctic to build low-power sensors, for deployment in huts operating on battery power;
  • and to Mars! Yes, to Mars but not personally. Jason lent crucial support to the MOXIE Project, an MIT-led instrument on NASA’s Perseverance rover.

Jason consistently goes above and beyond—literally, to the ends of the Earth—to get the job done…and always, always without hesitation or fanfare. Congratulations, Jason, on behalf of colleagues across the community and around the world. Congratulations, Jason!