Tyler Brezler

Financial Officer
Department of Chemistry, School of Science
Innovative Solutions
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, Vice President for Human Resources


The next award is in the Innovative Solutions category. It honors those in the MIT community who:

  • collaborate to solve problems proactively and creatively,
  • break down boundaries to drive change, AND
  • are not daunted by even the greatest stumbling blocks.

Sometimes, the best solutions are the hardest to see.  People know that they need —but not what they need.  This year’s recipient for Innovative Solutions did just that —saw a need, created a solution, and connected to the community.  His name is Tyler Brezler, and he is the Financial Officer in the Department of Chemistry.

Tyler is always looking to innovate to solve common problems facing MIT administrators. He makes connections with colleagues from one end of campus to the other, so he can build the broadest possible perspective.  And he channels his innovative spirit to develop processes and applications that enhance the quality and usability of financial reporting. 

For the last three years, Tyler has worked to develop a projection tool called Aureus. Ask anyone in sponsored research administration, and they will tell you that this is something DLCs desperately needed. The complexities of sponsored research, and the decentralized nature of MIT, made finding a single solution extremely challenging.

Tyler decided to create an easy to learn — and share — tool.  A tool he could share among DLCs without a long onboarding and transition process. He has tested his innovation with more than 50 staff members across campus, and they have begun to use it with great success. As one colleague noted, “The amount of progress Tyler has been able to make on this project while conquering his daily workload is nothing less than astounding.”

I agree. Tyler, congratulations on your Excellence Award.