Erin Genereux

Director of Development, Arts Initiatives
Office of the Arts
Sustaining MIT
Award presented by
Cynthia Barnhart, Provost

This award goes to someone who supersized the concept of financial sustainability. Her name is Erin Genereux, and she is Director of Development for Arts Initiatives. When you walk past MIT’s gleaming new gateway—the MIT Museum in Kendall Square—take a minute to nod your thanks to Erin. She was charged with raising $55 million dollars towards the capital cost of the new museum. And many doubted it could be done. Well, Erin did it—in fact, she raised $75 million dollars—$20 million over the goal. Yes, you heard that right—$20 million over the goal. And fundraising is just one of Erin’s many superlative skills, according to her colleagues. It’s just the one we happen to be celebrating today.

As one colleague wrote: “The Institute attracts a special kind of person—someone who pursues goals fearlessly, shares ideas generously, and is dedicated to the common good. That’s Erin Genereux.”