MITxPro Video Team

Open Learning, Vice President for Research
Award presented by 
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Chris Boebel, Media Development Director, Open Learning, Office of Digital Learning

Tsinu G. Heramo, Video Producer, Open Learning, Office of Digital Learning

David Ozug, Video Editor, Open Learning, Office of Digital Learning

The next recipients for the Serving the Client award are the members of
The MITxPro Video Team in the Office of Digital Learning: Chris Boebel,
Tsinu G. Heramo, and David Ozug.

In 2015, MIT partnered with Boeing and NASA to develop four online professional education courses on systems engineering. The MIT faculty who taught the program were new to online education, so Chris, Tsinu (SEE-new), and David educated and coached them about how to translate their content into short, compelling video segments , helped them to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and gave them the tools they needed to deliver the highest quality course content in this new format

As one colleague shared, “What the MIT xPro team accomplished in the timeframe was nothing short of a miracle. Everyone who interacted with them said they were key to the success of the program. Had it not been for their leadership, creative vision, and commitment to collaboration, the courses would not have been such a triumph.”

And by every metric, they were a triumph:
In under two years, more than 3,500 students have taken the courses
AND the American Society for Engineering Education honored their effort with the 2017 Excellence in Engineering Education Award

Well, Chris, Tsinu and David—we have another Excellence Award for you - congratulations!