Kate White

Administrative Officer, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
School of Science
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
John Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer

The next recipient in the Outstanding Contributor category is Kate White. Kate is Administrative Officer in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The colleagues who nominated her for this award pretty much threw up their hands and said, "Where do we even start!?" when it comes to enumerating Kate's skills and qualities. But start they did.

One colleague shared: "Kate is an extraordinary mentor, going above and beyond to help others, personally and professionally. An incredible problem solver, she finds ways to help others manage their own challenges, leading from behind to enable others to excel. She is a factor in so many of the successes at Brain & Cog."

And another colleague stated: "The culture of our team is one of trust, respect, and open communication, and that is due to Kate. Leadership like hers makes me proud to be a part of Brain and Cog…and proud to work for MIT."

Kate, congratulations and thank you!