Matt Fulton

Facilities and Operations Administrator
Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Sustaining MIT
Award presented by
Provost Marty Schmidt

Our next honoree in the Sustaining MIT category is Matt Fulton, Facilities and Operations Administrator at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Matt Fulton is a rock star. Literally. A formally trained musician, he has been entertaining the MIT community with his amazing guitar solos for decades. But he’s equally legendary in his role managing 250,000 square feet of PSFC lab and office space across seven buildings.

Matt is constantly seeking to ensure that the infrastructure of PSFC supports the academic and research work of the center, both now and into the future. As one colleague told us, Matt’s projects range from new lights for the machine shop to ensure safer working conditions, to identifying cost-effective ways to replace the large roof on NW21, to proactively working to ensure the MIT Cryoplant could be housed in a new space (and then working hard to keep that project going through Covid-19).

All of this is quintessential Matt, his colleagues say. One of the happiest moments for the Plasma Fusion community during the pandemic was a two-hour classic rock concert he put on for more than 100 colleagues. It’s these kinds of shared experiences that turn a DLC into a family, and Matt has done just that for the Plasma Science Fusion Center.

Matt, congratulations on your award. You rock!