Office of Minority Education Team

Serving the Client
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, Vice President for Human Resources


I’m very pleased to be a presenter for the Excellence Awards, and especially so for this next recipient.  Or recipientS.  Because it goes to not one, but EIGHT people—the team from the Office of Minority Education.   

The OME team has a big mission: create an MIT experience in which all students are connected, happy, excelling, and expanding their boundaries. They focus on students from underrepresented groups, but provide support and advice to any student who asks.

All the members of this team believe that every student should feel like MIT is their MIT. And this team goes above and beyond make that happen.

Last October, just three days before MIT’s Family Weekend, two separate students approached the team.  They were concerned that some families couldn’t afford to travel to MIT for Family Weekend. The OME team listened and acted. In just three days, they created an event called “Like Family,"  and welcomed dozens of students from around the world –reinforcing the strength of our MIT family.

At their “Let’s Chat” walk-in hours, 50 students per semester meet with mental health practitioners—students with needs that might otherwise be missed. And the newest OME program, The Standard—a holistic network of support for undergraduate men of color—is now 58 members strong and growing.

As one colleague shared, “The Office of Minority Education listens to students’ concerns, celebrates their accomplishments, supports their wide-ranging needs, and collaborates with other offices to provide exceptional service to all who seek it.”

Please help me recognize the members of the Office of Minority Education team:

Jackson Bowser
Sarah Chrystler
Somiya Kalloo

Devan Monroe
Cheryl Mottley
Fatima Smith
Lilen Uchima

and Molly Wu 

Congratulations on your Excellence Award!