David Johnson

Associate Staff, Air Traffic Control Systems
Lincoln Laboratory
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
John Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer

And now, to David Johnson, a member of the Associate Staff in Air Traffic Control Systems at Lincoln Laboratory.

We are honoring him today with an Excellence Award because, as his colleagues shared, for over 18 years he has played a critical role in the success of program after program. He jumps into any challenge with both feet and very quickly becomes an essential member of the team. David’s technical contributions are outstanding, but so are his attention to detail, and his initiative, integrity, and diligence. And then there’s his unfailing optimism and thoughtfulness to everyone around him.

Colleagues say that David routinely deflects praise, always giving credit to others, and this was their way to set the record straight. David, your fan club has come out of the shadows to embarrass you with showers of praise, and with this MIT Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributor. Congratulations!