Diane Ballestas

Administrative Assistant II
Department of Biological Engineering
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
John H. Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer

With this next set of awards, we honor those in the Outstanding Contributor category—members of our community who:

  • go above and beyond without fanfare…
  • persevere in the face of obstacles…
  • take initiative to solve problems and improve work life, AND
  • share knowledge that helps others do their best work.

Our first recipient is Diane Ballestas, an administrative assistant in the Department of Biological Engineering. Her coworkers say that Diane is a consummate can-do person. She coordinates the research operations of a large group of students, post-docs, staff, and faculty. She handles a dizzying range of responsibilities with extraordinary skill and dedication, making everything she touches a success. One of those colleagues shared this: “…Since her first day at MIT, it has become apparent that she is deeply invested in the people and successful operations of the labs she supports. Diane does not shy away from challenging situations and is always ready to extend a helping hand to her lab members and colleagues.”

Congratulations, Diane!