Kyle Filipe

Director, IT Support Services
Information Systems and Technology
Serving Our Community
Award presented by
Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research

Our next recipient is someone who came to the rescue of countless members of our community during the pandemic—an IT troubleshooter by the name of Kyle Filipe. Kyle is Director of IT Support Services, and as you can imagine, he was inundated with when this community of thousands and thousands of people suddenly went entirely virtual.

In addition to setting up specialized support hotlines—the one for faculty fielded 1,000 help requests alone—Kyle was charged with getting iPads to every student and staff member who needed one in time for Registration Day—just a few weeks away. They were in short supply, so he found himself frantically driving around the region buying up any he could find.

Kyle’s support became so legendary that when he delivered one iPad, the happy recipient exclaimed, "Wait, you’re THAT Kyle!?" In the end, under Kyle's leadership, more than 3,800 iPads were distributed.

Kyle, a very big thank you from the MIT Community. Congratulations!