MIT.nano Construction Leadership Team

Award presented by 
Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research

Dennis Grimard, Managing Director, MIT.nano

Travis Wanat, Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects

The final award for Innovative Solutions goes to the MIT Nano Construction Leadership Team. Their colleagues tell us that Managing Director of Operations Dennis Grimard and Senior Project Manager Travis Wanat pulled off the most complex construction project in the history of the MIT campus—and let’s face it, that’s saying something!

The revolutionary facility that this team brought to life has been a dream of many for more than a decade. When it opens in June, after six years of design and construction, it will be a core MIT nerve center used by more than 2,000 people from nearly every corner of campus.

Here’s what their colleagues had to say:
“Travis Wanat and Dennis Grimard shared a single goal: to create a world-class nanofabrication and nanoscience research facility to serve MIT for generations to come—a facility in which researchers could make life-changing discoveries. Achieving the goals of a routine construction project is challenging enough, but delivering this building on budget and on time is nearly impossible.”

Another colleague shared this:
“Their passion and dedication are second to none. Their pursuit of excellence… unparalleled. Their drive…incessant and inspiring. Their belief in MIT—and in all of us—is the source of their drive, strength, and conviction. They know that if they get their work done correctly, they will aid the rest of us in building a better world. They are shining examples of the best among us.”

Everybody, let’s have a big hand for the MIT Nano Construction Leadership Team. Dennis and Travis…congratulations!