Yuko Barnaby

Executive Assistant to the Director and Executive Projects, Media Lab
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, Vice President for Human Resources

Our final Outstanding Contributor honoree is Yuko Barnaby, executive assistant to the director of the Media Lab. One of Yuko's colleagues observed, "If this past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of unsung heroes, those who kept us going in difficult times with little or no fanfare. At the Media Lab, that person is Yuko Barnaby."

Another colleague emphasized her quiet strength, humility, and compassion. She led the ramp-down period at the start of the pandemic and the ramp-up period when in-person classes resumed. She is a quiet but highly skilled leader, and single-handedly implemented new procedures and strengthened communications within the Lab.

Yet another colleague noted, "Yuko has a rare combination of kindness and competence. She keeps the gears turning and makes everyone around her want to be their best."

Congratulations, Yuko!