Eric Small

Senior Administrative Assistant, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation
Schwarzman College of Computing
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, VP for Human Resources

Our next recipient is Eric Small. He's a Senior Administrative Assistant in the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering. Eric is the point person for NEWDIGS, a pioneering "think and do" tank focused on advancing drug-development paradigms—a program involving hundreds of collaborators. Eric has steadily demonstrated a commitment to excellence through his hard work, collaborative style, and ability to produce reliable results. Everyone in NEWDIGS, regardless of role, has benefitted from his reliability, know-how, and patience. For example, in April 2020, just one month after going remote, he was able to turn a highly complex annual event into a highly complex virtual event…with flawless technical and logistical execution.

Eric is also one of those people who, by his very actions and attitude, creates a culture of kindness in an organization. He goes to great lengths to take care of others, checking in with staff members during the pandemic to make sure everyone was supported. Eric, we are absolutely delighted to be able to recognize your empathy, thoughtfulness and professionalism with this award for Outstanding Contributor. Congratulations!