Jason Lloyd

Senior Assistant, Office of the Dean
Division of Student Life
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Provost Martin Schmidt


The next award in the Serving the Client category goes to someone who has also demonstrated that commitment to others. His name is Jason Lloyd, and he is the Senior Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Dean of Student Life. Jason is also a member of The Care Team, which is dedicated to helping students be well and stay well.

A great many students and colleagues wrote to support his nomination, and I’ll let them tell you why Jason is the recipient of this award. Here are a few direct quotes:

“The Office of the Dean of Student Life has a mission—to be there for students. Jason brings that mission to life. He doesn’t just tell the students who to call, he helps them make that difficult phone call, and then follows up with them to see if they need additional support.”

“Jason has had a huge impact on the environment of our campus in just two years … there is a generous quality to his energy and exuberance. People may enter with heads hung low, but they leave with a smile.”

“MIT is a very stressful place, and Jason has consistently been there to support me and my fellow students. He always says hello and asks how I’m doing and what’s going on, which reminds me that I’m a person in addition to being a student. “

And finally, “Please, please, please consider Jason for this award, he really deserves it.”

We agree. Jason, congratulations on your Excellence Award.