Eboney J.N. Hearn

Executive Director, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs
School of Engineering
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, Vice President for Human Resources

I am so pleased to be here in Kresge to celebrate the achievements of our next awardees in the Outstanding Contributor category.

A colleague said of this honoree: "She has enriched the experiences of so many people at MIT and beyond. She meets every challenge with a huge heart, an incisive mind, and admirable strength of character. She is a brilliant example of commitment to service." Her name is Eboney Hearn, and she is Executive Director of MIT's Office of Engineering Outreach Programs.

Eboney is dedicated to empowering students from underrepresented backgrounds, helping them to pursue careers in STEM fields. But this is just one component of her far-ranging contributions.

She is also:

  • an energetic contributor to alumni programs,
  • a founding board member of My Sister's Keeper, an initiative supporting the success of Black women at MIT,
  • a valued partner of campus affinity groups like the Black Women's Alliance, AND
  • a much sought-after speaker on the national stage.

Eboney, we are so glad to have the chance to recognize your many contributions to the Institute and beyond.  Congratulations!